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Fighting back


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Rough week of hockey for Davos. We saw a few good wins and some devastating loses. With the league leading Finn Davison in goal, there is hope to get back on track.


While some games Davos looks like they are in command, other games just don't start off right and go south from there. This is due to a mix of rookies learning their skills and the older veterans trying to cover for mistakes the rookies make. When the planets align, we play a really good game. If we stay out of the box and get our top line going, it usually turns out to be a good game for us.


All teams in the league can be hard on any given night. That is just the way it works. You have to have your game plan ready for each game and have your team mates ready to go. So far, I would say we have handled that most of the time.


The hole is getting deeper, but we have a team that can and will put it together and make a good effort in the second half. Davos has a lot of heart and pride, we won't go away easily.

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