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I'm mad, part 2

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Ok, I'm not that mad anymore. I was about to put another 500 word that is full of complaint and crying. But Devise once again has decided to pull an early sim. The difference between last and this week is today our team got two last place opponents and we won both. So my mood is a bit better. And we had a nice scoring.


But even with these two last games, our scoring is still being a subject of concern. Before today, we still were second worst in goals for, only behind Seattle (once again). And even now, it's a very close fight. A couple of bad scoring games - and we're back to Seattle-tier offense. Which makes it more depressing - two out of three point leaders are defencemans, Kastelic and McWolf. By looking at our forward lineup, you could figure it out that too much is going on in our team. Dahlberg wants to score, Svoboda wants to score, Preencarnacion wants to score, Aaltonen wants to score and there's HHH as well. It probably makes so much sense when one of our point leaders is none other than the pass first Chico Smeb. He is also one of few plus players alongside with Dahlberg, McWolf and...Nielsen? Ok Simon T.


Actually there is some unluck that is surrounding Elias Dahlberg. He is close to 200 shots, but only 6.74% of his attempts were successful. That sucks. Could've been much better if he had at least 10%, there would be way less questions about our offense. A lot of our players are having decent shooting ratio, but not a guy who is supposed to be our points leader. smh Simon T. Do your job properly.


There would be some questions about my lines. Cause I'm sending them every day to see if this sticks. And of course it doesn't so I'm trying some other strategy and then another one, then another one. And then I'm getting confused and making total dumbass lines just because. This led us to 3-1 record so far, but two wins were against Malmo and NY. So I guess this thing also isn't working. I'm mad about that.


Kallis is still being decent. Pepper probably is about to get both goalie awards, but this is the least of my concerns. Our team needs WINS, this is what I want. I'm mad we don't have that much wins and the playoff race is too close. I guess Moscow is going to slow down at some point and Davos is inconsistent. But NEITHER ARE WE! I'm mad about that. You can tell already that games against aforementioned teams are very important for us. If we're fumbling majority of games against them, we're in big trouble then. So this sim engine better not to make me mad and give us some valuable points. And more goals. And better shooting percentage for Dahlberg.


In conclusion, I'm still being mad. But not that mad like I was supposed to be cause Devise brought us some good news and gave me a bit of relief since we're 5 points ahead of Davos. Probably won't last for long and there is going to be a fight to death and I'm going to be very mad about it.


6x2=12 TPE (from VHL b-day doubles) goes to Kallis

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