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Interview with Rayzor_7


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Hello and welcome to another VHLM Magazine article, today I have decided to sit down with my teams general manager and ask him a few questions on what he expects from his team this season and how he feels being a VHLM manager.

To start with I figured I would introduce the team that I am playing for, which is none other than the Minnesota Storm who managed a 3rd place finish in S66, followed by a slightly disappointing playoff run, which I am sure they hope to improve on this season. With a solid looking roster to start S67 with I am looking forward to seeing how the team perform.

Now time for the questions that I have prepared for @Rayzor_7.

Hi Rayzor, to start with how do you feel about being a General Manager in the VHLM?

I'm happy to be a GM, to be selected is a honor considering the amount of strong competition I had. The GM's and AGM's league wide are good people and it makes the atmosphere around being a GM light and fun.

What challenges do you face this season and what aspect of the Storm's game do you believe needs to be focused on?

Our biggest challenge will be producing offensive without many big names. We have Berocka who has been showing up but beyond that we are spread thin. We are producing decently so far though so I can't complain.

Who are the players you would recommend VHL scouts keep an eye on?

My sleeper picks would be Kaspars Claude and Alex, we picked up them both in a trade and they both show a huge amount of promise and could be useful in the VHL in the future.

Which teams will be the biggest threat to a Minnesota playoff run?

Without a doubt the defending champions Philly and their runner ups Ottawa, both have gone in to compete again this season. A couple other teams could play well but those two will be the main challenge in the long run.

Finally to end on a lighter note, what are your favourite pizza toppings?

I'm a Canadian so the one we created, Hawaiian Pizza as well as Pineapple and Bacon Pizza.


That's it for my interview questions, thank you Rayzor for taking the time to respond. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. 

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