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Calgary Wranglers: Season 31

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GM: Jason Glasser (360/197/138/25/419)

Former GM(s): Jardy Bunclewirth (504/172/307/25/369)

Record (after S20): 864 GP | 369 W | 445 L | 50 OTL | 788 P | 2,525 GF | 3,166 GA

Playoff Record (after S20): 42 GP | 23 W | 14 L | 5 OTL | 1-1 vs TOR, 1-1 SEA, 1-0 vs HEL, 1-0 vs DAV, 0-1 vs NYA


Season 31 VHL Entry Draft

Round 3, Pick 30, Oliver Closeoff

Round 4, Pick 40: Tony Starks


Season 31 Regular Season - 72 GP | 59 W | 8 L | 5 OTL | 123 P | 307 GF | 135 GA

Coming into the Season, the Wranglers were the defending champs for the first time since Season 23. The Wranglers seemed hell bent on going back to back like they have in Season 2/3 and in Season 18/19. The Wranglers won 59 games and lost only 13 times with 5 coming in OT. The Wranglers also scored over 300 goals and let in just 135 goals against.


Volodymyr Rybak bounced back in a huge way scoring 66 goals and assisting on 81 goals for 147 points. This was a huge improvement on the 80 points he put up last season. Chershenko had himself a great season as well with 66 goals and assisted on 77 goals for 143 points. Ryan Sullivan also broke the 100 point mark with 121 points. Clark Marcellin was the last player on the Wranglers to break 100 points with his 104. Klaus Muller, Nikolai Chershenko and Yuri Grigorenko came close to the 100 point mark as well with 96, 91 and 89 points. Overall, it was a good offensive showing by the Wranglers. Marius Henchoz had a great season as well with a 52-7-5 record to go along with a 0.929 save percentage and a 1.82 G.A.A and 7 shutouts.


Season 31 Playoffs - 5 GP | 1 W | 2 L | 2 OTL | Loss vs New York Americans

After such a great season, it is shocking to see that the Wranglers fell to the New York Americans in just 5 games. However, it has to be said that 2 of the losses came in OT. In Game 1, the Wranglers went down 1-0 but tied the game in the 2nd and even took the lead in the 3rd. With around 3:30 minutes left in the 3rd though, the Americans tied the game. In OT, Clark Marcellin took a high sticking penalty and was in the box when the Americans scored at the 2:44 mark. Sullivan and Chershenko both had 2 points in the game. Once more in game 2, the Wranglers took a 1-0 before the Americans tied the game near the end of the 2nd. In the 1st and 3rd, there were no goals. Once again, in the OT period, the Americans were able to steal the game at the 15 minute mark as Tukka Riekkinen sent the Americans to New York with a 2-0 series lead. Calgary bounced back in a big way in game 3 with a 7-3 win. However, in the next two games, the Wranglers just rolled over and died as the Americans scored 6 goals and only let in 2 combined to complete the upset.


Ryan Sullivan led the Wranglers in playoff scoring with 7 points while Muller, Rybak and Chershenko all had at least a point per game. In the end though, it was enough as the high powered offense just dried up. Henchoz also struggled in the playoffs with a 0.892 save percentage and 2.65 G.A.A. Overall, it was a very disappointing season for Calgary after winning the Victory Cup.



Not available until Season 35



Victory Cup Winner

Scotty Campbell Trophy (MVP) - Volodymyr Rybak

Brett Slobodzian (MVP, voted by players) - Alexander Chershenko

Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Top Points) - Volodymyr Rybak

Kevin Brooks Trophy (Top Goals) - Alexander Cherhsneko | Volodymyr Rybak

Alexander Beketov Trophy (Top Assists) - Ryan Sullivan

Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defenseman) - Ryan Sullivan

Dustin Fun Trophy (Most Improved) - Ryan Sullivan

Mikka Virkkunen (Most Sportsmanlike) - Yuri Girgorenko



The Season 31 for the Wranglers started out great, that is until the playoffs started. It will go down as a missed opportunity for the Wranglers. In the grand scheme of things, Alexander Chershenko takes over as the all time leading scorer post S20. He is the first player to break 500 points with his 521. He is also the all time leading goal scorer with 239 goals (the only player to break 200 goals). Volodymyr Rybak moves up to 6th with his 370 points and 181 goals (which is 4th). Surprisingly, Klaus Muller is 7th with 261 points followed directly by Ryan Sullivan with 256 in 8th. Clark Marcellin in 12th with 207 points aking him the 12th player to break 200 points. Nikolai Chershenko, Yuri Grigorenko and Jim Gow are all 17th, 19th and 20th on the list as they broke 100 career points as well. Roger Fenzing is all the way at the bottom with his 7 points in 47th. Marius Henchoz adds to his career wins with 165 (1st), losses 70 (1st), OTL 17 (1st), save percentage 0.923 (2nd), G.A.A 1.98 (1st) and shutouts 26 (1st). He is he best since S20.


Calgary Wranglers Player Stats


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