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Recruitment bonuses

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It might be a good idea to give both the recruit and the recruiter the tpe points.  It seems just a bit odd that only the recruiter gets a bonus and there is no incentive at all for the recruit to have a recruiter at all.  I might not be voicing my thoughts very well so I apologize for that.  But giving 15 extra points to a new recruit scaled at the same rate as the recruiter would be huge for a new player and give a incentive to keep on growing to hit the milestones.

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Personally I don’t think there’s reason to offer incentive to join via a specific member instead of something like a reddit drive. You’d have that exact scenario if we had recruits gain TPE just for joining and putting a member name, doesn’t really seem fair.

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It is any more fair than gaining points because someone put your name down? It would also help keep interest as they would have visible milestones to strive towards and try and achieve. On top of it all 15 points does not seem killer but that is just my 0.02c

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