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Comparison of Goals/player (S63-S66)


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Comparing Goals Across S63-S66


A one-way ANOVA was used to compare goals/player across seasons 63 to 66. A significant test statistic was obtained, F(3,427) = 10.576, p< .01. In other words, there is a significant difference in goals scored per player across the four seasons. 




BUT where are those differences? And between what seasons exactly? How large are the differences?


We have to dive a bit deeper into some more stats from the ANOVA. By viewing comparisons using the Bonferroni correction, we can see which seasons are significantly different from each other. 




The main finding from this table is straightforward. Season 63 was significantly lower in the amount of goals scored. Seasons 64-66 were significantly higher than S63, but when compared to each other, there was no significant differences between S64-66. 


Lastly to make this easy to view, we can simply look at it in a bar chart. 




This shows that the average goals scored per player in S63 was 11.56, where S64 = 19.52, S65 = 20.51, and S66 = 18.68. The average goals scored per player across the four seasons was 16.82.


More stats to come because these are easy articles to write.


Word Count: 180+

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My main question is did you count user players vs. bots? S64 was the start of expanding rosters, so I feel like, while scoring may have gone up as a whole, the actual goals/user went down as user players replaced bots. 

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