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  1. "You have no idea how high I can fly" were the last words Micheal Gary Scott said leaving the dressing room after last game against Riga. Scott has had a rough time in his rookie season, to say the least. He currently sits 3rd-last on his team in points with a disappointing minus 6. Although he has got an assist in the past two games, he blames the the ocahcing staff and team management for placing him in a role where he just doesn’t belong. “They have me playing this thing called [air quotations] defence and they expect me to [air quotes] back-check or something and you know what? I’m tired of it. I’m here to score. I’m here to make plays. I’m here to be on one side of the ice. I’m here to win.” Scott seems to be in the thick of the big transition to the big leagues. He even expressed himself on Twitter, in a brief tweet which was soon deleted: Let’s wait and see how this plays out. Surely Bob McKenzie will be the first in the know. Vancouver days aren't looking good for MGS, however, there is nowhere to go but up from here. Put on those wings Gary. Word Count: 150+
  2. @.sniffuM Size-wise the two that were small were actually huge. It's cause their so big the software is not happy with re-sizing. Another thing is the .jpeg/.png problem. This I noticed from downloading because if I save them from the forum they are now jpegs. I am trying to get everyone to give me .png links on imgur. Great CnC. I love this. We need more of this kind of detailed CnC on this site aside from the reviewing we currently have. I'd love to have you do this to reveal the rankings we should chat about that for next time maybe. But it would have to be commentary based on the votes not your comments, because personally I disagree with some of your rankings and I'm sure people will disagree with mine and yours as well. Hit me up if you wanna do this!
  3. Yessir. Otherwise this thing will take way too long with the 4 submission periods. Maybe next time I will only do 3 submission periods and 1 week each for voting idk lol
  4. Exactly and at least you'll have one in that way lmfao
  5. You can still get points and finish in the top 16 and go to graphics playoffs! Wont be too hard for you to crack that if you do the next 3 submissions!!
  6. VHLGFX Voting and Week 2 Submission thread here: 


  7. Welcome to the VHLGFX S67! This is the second, of four, submission periods that will take place during S67. You are only allowed one entry per submission period (every 2 weeks), per user. The top 16 entries every 2 weeks (ranked by the people) will be awarded points. After the last submission period, the top 16 participants will be seeded into the S67 VHLGFX Showdown to compete for the title of VHLGFX Champion. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, please visit this link prior to submitting: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please submit your graphic below. Please provide the image address for the graphic in the post! (i.e., the Imgur .png link) This saves me an eternity instead of downloading and uploading the graphics. Thank you! *There is no theme* *All submissions must be related to this site (i.e., VHL, VHLM, World Cup, drafts, etc) Good luck and have some fun making graphics! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Voting for the first submission period can be done here: Please DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE DEVICE TO VOTE. It will be a pain in the ass. Use you computer. Be honest, rate the graphics based on their quality, not based on the designing member. THE SURVEY WILL CLOSE ON SATURDAY JULY 27TH!!!
  8. Submissions closed will post voting later today and next submission window