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  1. @Sonnet just joined the Cartel are you next @tfong? We are the true underdogs this playoff and are looking to take out the top dawgs (we already have them on their heels). Quote with 'acepto' and you're part of the drug slinging Kings for life. - Motza
  2. Mexico want you and you want Mexico. The Cartel will welcome you with open arms on the second line and we can reign supreme. Quote with 'acepto' and nothing more to join the Kings. - Motza
  3. Hi @Jubo07 Got second line minutes with your name all over it. We are the underdogs come playoffs and we're looking to pull off the upset. Join the Cartel and make Mexican history. Quote with "acepto" on you're a member of the Cartel for life. - Motza
  4. Hi @dasboot Come to Mexico where you can have 1st/2nd pairing minutes and roll with the underdogs in the playoffs. Be a part of Mexican history. Quote and say "acepto" if you want to join the Cartel! - Motza
  5. Hi @Matt_O Come to Mexico. Top pairing. Underdog team in playoffs (we're not great but we could be with you!) You know what to do ("acepto") - Motzabb
  6. Yo @pennypenny Come join the Cartel. Have 2nd line minutes and help use rise from the ranks of the under dogs in the playoffs. - Motza
  7. Yo @Da Trifecta Mexico has a spot for you on the third line, but higher if you get more TPE quick. Maybe you, @McWolf, and @oilmandan will all join and Mexico great again as the underdogs in the playoffs. Quote with accept and you're a Cartel member for life. - Motza
  8. Yo @McWolf WELCOME TO THE VHL Mexico got 2nd line minutes for you. Once you and @oilmandan join we will legit upset our way to a cup If you want to join the Cartel you know what to do (acepto)
  9. Howdy @oilmandan! I am the GM of Mexico City Kings! I can offer you first pairing minutes with us! We don't have too many players so it will be easy for you to get points. Most importantly you will help solidify our back end as the underdog competitors this post-season! We'd love to have you on the squad and be a part of the Cartel! If you want to join the Kings just quote this and say "Acepto". - Motza