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  1. 1) I watched the goat win. He is a weird man tho. So white. 2) Probably someone better than MacGrubes 3) Cow needs to give away more steaks 4) We don't talk about things that aren't going well 5) It is not country cause that stuff bad 6) I would buy dogecoin
  2. it's really hard to compare polished terds to polished terds
  3. 1) the real question is: IS @MexicanCow123HAPPY? 2) I don't look at stats because my ego is too big 3) They are poo and from texas 4) holy shit I am captain???!?!?!?! BACON DOUBLE BIG MAC 5) He stops all pucks with his mind powers 6) do school work
  4. 1) I am the best addition 2) my goals are to score goals 3) yes because cow is the leader 4) yuCOWn 5) thats a long question with more than one question so vancouver 6) this is the only sim league
  5. Player Information Username: Motzaburger Player Name: MacGruber Recruited From: Returning Age: 44 Position: D Height: 69 in. Weight: 169 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. This sounds like a "make work" project for anyone writing...
  7. I use this Bana: https://cleanmymac.com/ Actually works pretty good. Does all the virus stuff and also does cleaning of old files, garbage files, free-up memory/RAM etc.