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The Virtues of Maple Syrup


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The Virtues of Maple Syrup


How many times have we seen a locker room showered in celebratory champagne? It's so common that players are now purchasing ski goggles to protect their eyes in anticipation of a bubbly shower. The Golden State Warriors spent in the hundreds of thousands on their champagne celebration a little over a year ago. Champagne isn't the only culprit invading winning locker rooms. In many we see instances of beer being used to dose a player or coach reaching a particular milestone. The Toronto Blue Jays did just that to their coach Charlie Montoyo whom had gotten his first major league win after coaching in the minors for years. The Indianapolis 500 winner traditionally takes a milk shower. A tradition with roots all the way back to 1936.


I say it's time for a new tradition to be started. The best way for the VHL to celebrate is with maple syrup.


What do you think?

Also out of curiosity in the replies let me know if you're in favor of pancakes or waffles.

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On 8/2/2019 at 5:51 AM, Brrbisbrr said:

What about corn syrup?  I much prefer waffles.  Pancakes are fine if they're homemade, but there's something about a crunchy waffle.

I plan on writing an article comparing corn syrup, honey, and maple syrup next.

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