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  1. 1. We won our first 2 games against Halifax, but now we've lost how do you think this series plays out? We will prevail in 6 games not losing again in this series.2. Who do you think will be in the finals? Ottawa and Minnesota.3. How do you feel about your players current place in this season in the playoffs? Well I worked my way into the teams top pair so that's good.4. How do you feel about Ottawa's as a whole? I think we demonstrate that if you have active members improving over the course of the season you can have success in the sim.5. Who do you think will get to the finals in VHL? Riga and Vancouver6. Predict the winners in both leagues. Riga and Ottawa
  2. I feel fortunate to have had my inaugural season with y'all. Here's to hoping our success continues in the playoffs.
  3. Yeah it worked fine for me.
  4. 1. After 450+ days Boubabi was unbanned, whats youre opinion on this? I previously stated I would stay out of the vote for the simple fact I was not a part of the league when the previous infractions occurred and couldn't possibly gain sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision on the matter without any interaction with Boubabi. Now as far as I'm concerned he's just like any other member. 2. Playoffs start tommorow and were against LVA (I think), how easy will this be? The numbers favor us but you never know anything can happen that's why we play the game. Having played there I feel good about our chances. 3. Now that we are 1st confirmed. Do you think the path to victory is easy or hard. Nothing is easy especially winning. If it ever becomes easy the victory losses some of it's sweetness. 4. Who is your ideal team to face in the finals. Las Vegas. Oh wait that's not possible so...maybe San Diego. Which ever team we have the best chances against is the ideal opponent. 5. Its almost draft time, have any gm's contacted you, if not do you have an idea where you wanna go? Yes I have had good conversations with a few GMs. 6. Picture this, Acyd Burn wants to talk about your biggest weakness, what does he talk to you about? My horrendous slapshot...honestly I notice the looks on everybody's faces whenever I wind up now. And the fact everyone has stopped trying to help me improve it like they did at the beginning of the season.
  5. Yeah there is obviously an issue with the update. It looks like the first few high up in the alphabet got updated and nothing else.