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  1. 1. The Hounds committed themselves to buying this week, spending two picks in S70 for defenseman Finnegan MacBurn. Is this a good move? Do we have what it takes to win it all? A great move, although I do admit to being biased. I believe the move just might be enough to take us to the promised land. 2. Speculation about team management has escalated this week, with @GlowyGoat making his nickname "berocka is a racist" and "gustav is a stalinist" on a couple separate occasions. Who's a bigger concern, myself or @berocka? Who gets overthrown first? I believe Gustav will always be a bigger concern. However it's commendable how berocka has been making a name for themselves. Overthrown? Or did you mean eliminated? 3. Which team would the Hounds beat easily in the playoffs? I'm going with any team we face in the second round. Yukon I guess. 4. Which team would you least want us to face in the playoffs? Houston perhaps? I know it's the easy answer. 5. You have to describe hockey to someone unfamiliar with the sport in 10 words or fewer. What do you say? Ice surface skates sticks flat ball nets fast pace hitting. 6. Pick any VHL player whose build you'd like to emulate and tell me who it is and why (if you don't know your VHL players, now is the time to do some research!). Jeff Hamilton is the closest probably. Similar to Black Velvet with a little less checking and a little more passing. I would love to get the Alexander Beketov Trophy as a defenseman.
  2. Dang not a Kopitar fan but this is pretty cool with the effect and lighting.
  3. Pretty funny. I like it. Sorry I'm a bit tired.
  4. 100 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 101 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 103 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion
  5. Alright 12 hours lapsed so I'm going to pick. F- Elias Dahlberg F- Matthew Materazo @Jayrad28 you're up to pick again.
  6. 43 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 44 Calgary Wranglers @ D.C. Dragons 45 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans 46 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears
  7. D- Sidney Crosby D- Tzuyu @Jayrad28
  8. McWolf we should ping him to change it. @Jayrad28
  9. F- Sebastian Ironside G- Alexander Pepper @Jayrad28