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Palo gets a second job


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It´s not unusual to hear that someone has more than one job, but you might not expect to hear such stories when it comes down to professional hockey players, but we might have a story like that on our hands. Pictures are spreading online where Rauno Palo of the Vancouver Wolves is working as a lifeguard for a motel somewhere. Rauno released a comment earlier today which explain it all:



It´s true, I have a second job, but it´s not a lifeguards job that I have been doing. I´m working as a sun umbrella in the local motel here in Vancouver. The motel owners saw my wide shoulders and back, I guess years of carrying the expectations and dreams of all the Wolves fans is starting to show, so they offered me a chance to come in and stand near people to block the sun. Odd job in a way, but money is nice and I get to meet fans and people in general. I only work a couple of hours a week during the season, so not a full or even a part-time job at the moment, but a nice change to the typical daily/weekly routine.


It´s still unknown on what days Palo works and at what times, but if you are interested to find out more, visit OrangeCakeMotel.com!

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