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I'm mad, part 3

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I wasn't supposed to make the part 3. Since Kastelic moved into C, we went 5-1 and things seemed or still seems hopeful. However, I just can't be calmed down until we lock the playoff spot and the last game of today's sim just made it even worse. This game really pissed me off and reminded me how stupid this sim engine is.


It's not secret that we're fighting with a couple of teams for the remaining playoff spots. There are 7 teams that are really competing for the post-season and one of them is about to be eliminiated before even playoffs start. One of our closest rivals is none other than Davos. Which makes it worse is that we're just being unlucky against this team. We could've been closer to Helsinki than to Davos, had we not dropped almost all games against them. And boy, lately these games are being dumb as fuck. Especially when we outshot them by 12 and still lost. It's really dumbass result and I do think the result should've been our win. It's a rarity when we're outshoting opponents by that much so this loss isn't making any sense. And how about the last matchup. 14 shots? Just fuck yourself stupid nonsense spitting dumpster named STHS. This is really a facepalm worthy moment - we beat Toronto (not even for the first time) and then this happens. Three 850+ and one 700+ TPE forwards - all of that for fucking 14 shots. Aha, ok. Get this shit outta here cause this is a total nonsense.


So we're now at 51 points. Very close to Calgary and Vancouver. Davos being at 46 so they're still somewhat close too. I just can't stop thinking that these games against Dynamo was our chance to be much closer to top 2 EU teams and be more confident in our chances. Instead, we're about to have 25 games full of uncertainity and stress. It's one of my goals - to extend the playoff streak. And who knows, maybe we have a shot at the ultimate goal this season. But we gotta have more luck and get Davos outta here. I'll lose any hope in STHS as the legit sim engine if we end up out of the playoff zone. Cause you can say what you want, but this roster is better than that. So this thing better do not make some fuck shit and get us in playoffs before I type 35 article about how broken Simon T is.


At least Seattle is about to hop off and slowly go back to rebuild-tier teams. We were tied at points a couple days ago. Which obviously was ridiculous and was making zero sense. Moving Kastelic to C probably helped us, but need more wins.


Other than that, nothing more to say. The next week will be huge for us. Either that position change is really helping us and pretty much locking us at playoff spot. Or the part 4 will come out next Sunday with yet another complaint that we're too close to Davos/already out off the playoff zone. Stay tuned.


6 TPE goes to Kallis

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