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A Rising Star...


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A Rising Star...


Reporter: Hello everybody today I am with the rising star Nethila Dissanayake! So Nethila Overall what do you think about your performance this season?

Nethila: I am doing pretty well all the work that I have been doing has been paying off.

Reporter: What do you think of your team's performance?

Nethila: We aren't doing well but you can't expect much from a rebuilding team.

Reporter: Do you think the future is bright for the New York Americans?

Nethila: Oh the future is very bright for the New York Americans With me, ACL TEAR, Boris the Forest, Blake Laughton, Aleksander Rodriguez and with all those draft picks we will have even more rising stars, we will become competitive in a year or two.

 Reporter: What have you been working on this season?

Nethila: I have been working on my slapshot, I am also working on getting faster at skating and I have mostly been working on my defence.

                   Reporter: What was going through your mind when Calgary traded you?

             Nethila: I was very confused I never thought that Calgary wouldn't trade me but I guess I was wrong. Calgary just traded a rising star...

Reporter: Thanks for your time Nethila.

Nethila: My pleasure 



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