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Pat Svoboda Nearing 20 Goals


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Pat Svoboda is only two goals away from hitting 20 goals on the season and seemed very pleased when a reporter brought up that fact. "I really hope to hit 20 goals before the 50 game mark, honestly I'm eyeing down 30 now, it would be so great for me and my state of mind to get back into the 30 goals range. People took me seriously the year I got 34 goals so doing that again is what I needed. Riga has given me more opportunity so I'd say it's been a good situation for me to rise to the fullest of my potential. Also, I was just snake-bitten last year with such a low shooting percentage but now it's normalized; I'm a volume shooter of course but my accuracy isn't that bad. I worked on my strength and maybe that factored into things like shot power, who knows. Either way, it's been an all around better year and I can get back to improving, maybe be a 40 goal scorer before I have to retire. I'd be in very elite company there and maybe even get an All Star nomination, that would be something I would want to achieve in my career," said Pat Svoboda.

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