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Big Boy Production from the Little Guy


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Jerry Wang recently finished up his first 10 games in the VHLM, playing on the Halifax 21st and producing like some of his more experienced/skillful teammates. Over 10 games the rookie has put up 7 points (3G/4A) and is +5, a strong start for a player of Wang’s caliber. Outside of production we see some surprising tendencies in Wang’s play, such as the 10 hits from a 5’ 10”, 163 lb skill player. This may be Jerry trying to prove himself in some manner but nevertheless a surprising stat to see from a small scoring forward.


These performances have already garnered the eye of some VHL GMs, with reports coming out that at least one team had already reached out to the Singaporean player. When asked for comment about where he wanted to end up, Wang stated, “After moving to Canada to play for Guelph, I didn’t really follow the VHL like I did in Singapore, so I’m not sure how every team looks and where the best fit for me is. Ideally I want to be on a younger team so I can be competitive for minutes and actually contribute where if I was on a roster that’s already star studded I’d be watching from the sidelines.”


Wang is projected to go in the middle of the draft currently, sitting around 50th in the draft class rankings. However his growth has been substantial and should he continue this pace we can expect to see him go much higher.


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