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Tates' Views on Expansion

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Tates Shares his views on the Upcoming VHL Expansion and Draft


Jeff Tates, the young winger currently on the Wild spoke to journalists after Game 360, where he was asked his thoughts about the announcement that two expansion teams were underway in the VHL. What follows is an extract of the post-game interview with the up-and-coming Canadian player:


BC: How was the game for you?
JT: It was harsh. We were out-shot badly in second and third period, and we weren't able to come back. I'm happy I got a goal and an assist, but it never feels good to lose a game when you're so close to the playoffs.


BC: We're almost at the end of the regular season. Do you have high hopes for the draft?
JT: There's some really good talents at the top of the rookie class, I don't quite compare yet personally. But I'm hoping someone will see what I can offer to their team; right now I'm mostly focused on the VHLM and my personal growth as an offensive player.


BC: Are you following the news of the two announced expansion teams?
JT: Of course, everybody is curious to see what will happen. I don't have a "horse" in the VHL so to speak, so I'm glad to see the league expanding. It's a great opportunity for players and general managers to make something special happen, and it may be a bit of a puzzle for the existing teams but puzzles are good right? [Laughter]


BC: Is there any location in particular you would like to see?
JT: Well, I would like my home province, Québec, to see some VHL action again. It would be great if that was in the plans but I'm not tossing my hat in with speculations. At the end of the day, I'll root for the team I have on my jersey.


BC: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jeff.
JT: Thank you.

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