VHL Expansion: What to expect?

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Another crazy year for the VHL, as they are successful enough to branch out to 2 more locations and teams. The question is, where are these locations? Many speculate to see another North American team, more likely to be United States. Could we see teams in Colorado? Idaho? California? The possibilities are endless as the VHL has been very unpredictable in terms of expansion, which keeps things nice and new. Personally, I would like to see a Fresno team, to reignite the Fresno Falcons legacy, but that is a long-shot from many a point of view. The VHL Commissioner has not yet spoken on the details of the teams being expanded, but we will start to see the picture once off season rolls around. With the VHL expanding, many more players are given the chance to play hockey for the VHL, and we see the VHL expanding even more so in the near future. We wish the best of luck to the two GM's that will be taking over the two new expansions, @diamond_ace and @Enorama

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