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Effort: 2/2 - Definitely.  There seems to be enough layers to this, not to mention that it often takes a good amount of work to get the render to stand out from the background like that when making a manip.

Look: 2.5/3 - I really like the blurring and lighting in this, you seem to always be good at that kind of thing.  Not sure how I feel about the stock work though, the grunge stock doesn't seem to go well with the rest of the sig.  Maybe something smoother might work better to fully take advantage of the style you're using.  Normally I don't care much for text with a gradient, drop shadow, or inner shadow because it tends to over-complicate things, but this works decently well.  I'd suggest removing the drop shadow on the text, maybe remove or lower the opacity of the gradient outline, and change the text color to something like red, just to simplify it a tad.  This was honestly almost a 5.75 from me, but it's too close so I'll let the next grader decide.

Creativity: 1/1

Total: 5.5/6

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Effort: 2/2 - Coloring, text, blending, lighting,stock work,  I'd say you have enough here.

Look: 2.75/3 - Love the blur, the grunge is too much and the text is a turn off for me, It's a great sig as a whole just not quite full marks for me.

Creativity: 1/1 - Sure

Total: 5.75/6


Final: 6

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