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Cinnamon Block Prepares for the VHLM Draft


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It was a quiet Thursday night when the VHLM draft lottery results were announced. It didn't matter to Cinnamon Block, who was busy pumping iron at the gym, as she is unlikely to go first overall. Some other prospects have generated a larger amount of buzz, but make no mistake, "Cinder Block" is very much a hot commodity come draft day. Block is the most physical player in the upcoming draft, and she showed her willingness to make a play in the VHLM playoffs, notching a hit for roughly every 5 and a half minutes of ice time. Given a full set of minutes next season, she could very well pass the 300 hit mark. As for the draft itself, a few teams have already sent out some scouts for the young defender. Current projections list her as the 4th best prospect overall, though it's rare the draft ever sticks to the chalk. Currently Las Vegas is in control of the 4th pick (as well as the 3rd pick), so chalk would suggest Block may land there. If she does end up falling though, San Diego and Houston sit in the 5th and 6th spots, respectively. While she would likely be thrilled to make a return to Philadelphia and their cheesesteaks, with the Reapers sitting back at 9th, a reunion seems unlikely at this time. Still, she is excited for the opportunity to get more significant ice time next season and put the entire VHLM on notice.

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