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  1. Green Hoping for one more Cup! Will likely go back home to Puerto Rico. The end of S65 where I won a cup and many awards was amazing, but I always hold a soft spot for scoring the cup winning goal in S62 for my first Cup win. I would say don't neglect Puck Handling and Defense, even if you're a forward. Everyone wants to be a great scorer at the pros but if you don't have the intangible skills in the other parts of your game, your scoring numbers won't be as impactful. He retired this past season, so this last one for me will be the only time I don't get to play with him, but Evan Lawson has been there since day 1 for me at the VHL level and he's been a great mentor and teammate my entire career.
  2. Let's do one for each team: Legion F - Argus Kil'Jaeden Menace F - Dennis The Nighthawks F - Tobias Andalite Dyanmo F - Albert Elis Reign G - Chunky Charlie Hudson Titans D - Julius Campbell Bears D - Bill Swerski Americans F - George Washington Wranglers D - Jeans Wolves F - Marshmello
  3. Malmo came out tough, but I keep some 🎩 under the bench for times like these.
  4. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 New York Americans
  5. I should have taken Funk for fantasy.
  6. We're winning the whole thing this season! Mostly like either me or Dragomir. I'll say myself just to boost my own ego. Probably Tzuyu. Depth is more important than ever in the VHL, but King can more than hold his own on the top line, which allows me to keep star power on the ice against other teams' 2nd lines, which gives more depth than it seems at first glance. Adding Dragomir was huge for us and really what takes us from playoff challenger to championship contender. I've won two championships and numerous other awards here, so I would never say no to playing for Toronto again.
  7. I need to stop slacking off and putting in updates weeks late 😂