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  1. I voted Any All but I'm ok doing a standard if others would prefer that. I think we've had a lot of Any Alls recently.
  2. I was appreciative and confused af about all the chaos you helped cause.
  3. @NSG88 this is the best vet bait we've ever seen.
  4. When you get more experienced, you'll start to learn which people are trying to "vet bait" by saying something nonsensical yet infuriating that make people want to target them. I was debating going for Hatter night 1, then I read his post and went "nope". If it makes you feel better, this isn't the worst vet bait catch we've had in one of these. That said, you'll also get people who fake vet bait just so people think they are vet baiting and won't visit them. Evils will do this so TIs don't check them and Town will do it so evils won't attack them. The meta cycles so then you end u
  5. Gus is town traitor. Vote Gus
  6. We should probably remove some of those then. Don't want a mislynch this late in the game.
  7. @bigAL I told Gustav to give you an extra bullet, please use it at your own discretion. @GustavMattias give bigAL an extra bullet.
  8. Actually Hex could soft confirm both BG and Arso since they could have defense when they get attacked.
  9. I dropped my fork after typing that and had to get a clean one but it was worth it.
  10. Hex Master can't confirm Arsos
  11. Once this is confirmed then osens is confirmed evil! I've got no beef with you AL, but I would appreciate it if you reconsidered and voted osens.
  12. Alright I didn't want to do this but you've forced my hand. I'm Mayor, and I wasn't roleblocked last night. Vote osens x3 @GustavMattias
  13. bigAL has shot and killed three people, even if he's Town can that really be considered "good"?