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  1. The goal is to win Cups. For the nickname "Cinder Block" because that's what it feels like when you get hit by her. I'm looking for any team that will get me playing time and is looking to win. I don't plan on switching. She's going to be physical and defensive minded. Not really. Even though it's been about 10 seasons, that seems like nothing when the league is pushing 70.
  2. D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D - Keven Foreskin @HulkHogan
  3. Season 68 is underway, and with it comes Cinnamon Block's first career VHLM goal! While defenders are not usually relied on to score, they usually pick up a few here and there, so even with her limited minutes, you would have thought she would have scored at least once in the 31 regular season and playoff games in Season 67. Ironically enough, her goal came against her former team, the Philadelphia Reapers. Block has been a strong physical anchor on the first line defense, leading the team with a +3 while ranking second with 11 hits and 4 blocked shots. The one knock on her however has been her penalties. She has already accrued a whopping 12 penalty minutes in just 4 games, 1 short of leading the entire VHLM. While her hits set a strong physical tone for the Aces, she will need to learn to pick her spots better and stay out of the penalty box. Las Vegas is currently in a three way tie for 2nd at 3-1, but it's a long season and there's still a lot of hockey to play. If Block can reign in her penalties while still providing the strong hits, it would not be a surprise to see Las Vegas in the Championship this season.
  4. F - Dan Wilinsky F - Aleksander Rodriguez @HulkHogan
  5. 43 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 44 Calgary Wranglers @ D.C. Dragons 45 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans 46 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears
  6. It's been well over 12 hours now for @MetalToday, he can make up the pick at any time. @Motzaburger is up.
  7. Cinnamon in the waiting room like.