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  1. Thanks for the Jest win! See one of you tomorrow
  2. I hate getting Bodyguard, everyone blames you for everything and if you do your job correctly you die anyway.
  3. Well this is why I was suspicious of you so with that cleared up. Unvote Jiggly Vote Gustav smh
  4. OmgitstheBodyguard N1: Berocka N2: Berocka N3: Berocka N4: Doomsday Been busy at work so everytime I try to get on someone pops in to ask me something. I'm concerned about the exchange yesterday with Jiggly and the Maf visits. If both Doomsday and Devise were visited, then one of them was roleblocked since there was a confirmed consort on Barzal n2 (assume that was Jeff who turned mafioso when Ferk died). Doomsday is confirmed so has no reason to lie. Devise did not claim it either, which means he is either lying or he really wasn't. And if he were Arso and g
  5. If I did get a lot of visits and the Ambusher was on me too, the Ambusher would have attacked them.
  6. I cc ferk's claim because I am a Bodyguard. No Mafia kill the night he was jailed and the night he was roleblocked is pretty damning. Vote Ferk My Will: OmgitstheBodyguard N1: Berocka N2: Berocka N3: Berocka
  7. It could be a possible WW play (exe, sheriff, and ww all have the same invest results). Go for an Exe type play d2, either you lynch a Town and "confirm" yourself as an Exe, or you lynch an evil and "confirm" yourself as a Sheriff. Usually it's more common in Any All when there's probably no Jailor to execute you though, and if we don't see any WW kills on N4 it's probably safer to assume Arso over a silent WW.
  8. Jorg had Caboose, Barzal, and Flex for n2, Jiggly has Caboose, Barzal, and myself. Flex claimed transported, which would be one way that a Mafia fake Spy would have different results from a real Spy, but the other result was me, and I wasn't transported. If Jiggly is legit, then I'm betting it's an Ambusher that keeps visiting me, as Consig has no reason to visit twice and neither does Framer after the new changes (at least not on consecutive nights anyway).
  9. @JigglyGumballs who did Maf visit n1?
  10. Fair enough. If Jorg is Spy though, then I'll know that GF was either afk n1 or was Ferk in jail.
  11. I wasn't attacked Yeah with Ricer basically admitting it you're pretty much confirmed either way.
  12. Barzal's not confirmed yet, but he's more likely Town than not. Spy is an easy claim for Maf (and very common for Blackmailer specifically), and combined with the very late post the first day, we can get info from lynching him. Vote Jorg Either we get a Maf, or if he does happen to be Spy, then it'll hard confirm both Barzal and Osens.
  13. Mafia didn't visit Berocka N1, no one cc'd Osens claim on rb'ing him, and Barzal confirmed he visited him. Bad luck for you Exe, try again next time.