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  1. Joey putting up numbers but New York got the better of us here. @diamond_ace not your best showing there. Picked a fight, got your shit kicked in, then got ejected.
  2. Well they're only 1-3 in their last 4 games, but after their early season woes, they definitely seem to be closer to the middle than the bottom overall. Well currently my team is at the top of the standings, so maybe you have me confused with someone else? Honestly the way we're clicking right now I wouldn't touch a thing. I've been playing great the last few games, especially last game where I dropped 4 goals on Calgary. My primary goal was to win another Championship, and I think we have the team that can do that. It's been a few seasons since I was down there, but this season it seems like the Wild is the most exciting to play. High scoring games are always more fun for forwards. It's either Haterade or VIKING. Haterade is probably an overdone and easy pun to make but it's one of those things that always tickles me. VIKING is just straight to the point and their logo is pretty slick as well.
  3. 170 Calgary Wranglers 171 Seattle Bears 172 Vancouver Wolves 173 Helsinki Titans
  4. Toronto D1 tried his best but in the end it just wasn't enough.
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    Let's talk PDO

    Possibly a related thing, since more skaters are opting for the highest offensive output, it's causing their defensive stats to be worse by proxy (especially since you can't really see defensive metrics in the sim very well). So you have better offenses playing against worse defenses which makes it harder on the goalies.