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  1. 2 said they were on you but the first would have taken you out of the second's.
  2. So both Devise and @jhatty8 claimed they were trans'd twice on N2. Spartan claimed to trans both of them, Berocka said he trans'd Cont and Hatty. I'm not sure how Gustav handles which trans goes first (and I can't check who "joined the server first" since Berocka didn't post in the sign-up thread and Gustav listed everyone alphabetically this time), but if both those trans are legit, Hatty should have only been trans'd once. Hatty are you sure you were Trans'd twice on N2?
  3. Oh I thought you were jailed N1.
  4. Vote Berocka Which transporter claimed to try to trans you in jail @ContinentalCup036? I don't believe Hypno can fake that
  5. @Berocka @Spartan @Mr_Hatter can we get a full list of all your transports so far?
  6. So either there are two hypnos or Hatter is actually legit.
  7. Must have been Hypno, my trap wasn't on Devise and if he had a trap on him it would have killed the GF/Mafioso and saved him
  8. I understand the concern but that still leaves you unproven in a game with 3 transporter claims. One of the other transporters can swap you tonight.
  9. I was transported last night. My trap did not trigger. That's 3 cleans now so if there's another then we have 2 Janitors.
  10. @Mr_Hatter we have two more or less confirmed Transporters and you're claiming a third one. Trans is a common claim for Hypno, and since we know there is one, I want you to prove you're actually Transporter tonight please.
  11. Not sure what the tally's at right now, but if we have more than enough make sure Barzal unvotes to avoid Jester just in case.