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  1. Goal 4 seconds into the 2nd period 👀
  2. Classic Toronto: get outshot significantly but still win
  3. I made this for tfong earlier this week, may as well lock up my last place spot now.
  4. I honestly never expected to even be in the conversation when I created him but that trophy case is filling up nicely. Anyone who expected last season is lying. I seem to be heating up a bit more recently, so still hoping to break the 100 point threshold again this season. I plan on recreating but not sure what I'll make. I'm sorta leaning towards a D-man to switch things up (and since it seems we have an abundance of forwards at the moment) but I haven't ruled out doing another winger. I think it signaled a team that was trying to refind itself after some off-season changes. The chemistry is starting to build up and as we've seen, all it takes is a playoff spot to make a run. I'm not sure if he necessarily counts as new at this point but I've been pseudo-mentoring @DilIsPickle for a while and it's cool to see him finally put up some good stats this year. I do not. I had some fish when I was a kid but they didn't last very long...
  5. I think one of the big issues was that there was a lot of hype when it was announced and players were signing, then nothing happened for like 2 months since it was off-season only. The time between signing the contract and actually playing is so big that you forget about it. What might make it more interesting is to make it a more constant thing. Like each weekend have a few exhibition games or a mini round robin or something. Track wins for each team for each of these weekends, then when the off-season comes for the main event, instead of a small "regular season" just seed all the teams based on those exhibition weekends and just have one big playoffs tourney thing.
  6. King with the hatty this time! Offense finally seems to be clicking
  7. Cast beat up Lawson and Lawson dropped a hatty on him in response. Gg.