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My Random VHL THoughts - S67 - Part 7

Fire Fletcher

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  • Continental Cup comes down to Helsinki and Vancouver. I'm rooting for Vancouver since Gritty is on there and Helsinki has won a lot lately. Can't help but wonder how Shawn Glade would look on Davos now though...
  • I think the series is tied at 2-2? I know Gritty scored a game winner in the second set of sims, and I'm pretty sure Vancouver won a game in the first set too. My prediction - Vancouver in 7.
  • Davos currently has the 4th overall pick. Looking at our current roster, we need a defenseman for this upcoming season (only have 3) and we could also use an upgrade at forward for the bottom of our line up. I believe we have some cap space to play with as well. If we want to be true contenders in the next couple seasons, i'm guessing we'll see some of those draft picks move for players.
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