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  1. ShawnGlade

    s62 Yukon - An Acrostic Poem

    H - The A - founder's L - cup I - is F - coming A - home X - to Hally 2 - oh 1 - and s - yukon t - sucks
  2. ShawnGlade

    Nathan MacKinnon - Starting From the Bottom

    Wow! This was great!
  3. ShawnGlade

    GM 16: Halifax 21st vs. Yukon Rush

    City: Founder's Cup Population: Halifax
  4. ShawnGlade

    Best VHLM Idea

    I like the thought of trying to keep players engaged and make it more competitive, but on the GM that’s what separates good GMs from bad GMs, being able to find active players and get them on your squad. Everyone having a maxed out team eliminates the need for trading at all and GMs wouldn’t need to put any effort in at all. I’m sure players wouldn’t mind all too much because it’s free TPE, but it’s not fair to those who grinded to 175 normally and even those in the VHL now who hit 300 by the time they were in the VHL.
  5. ShawnGlade

    RW - Harrison MacDuff

    We're classifying Oslo as poor now?
  6. ShawnGlade

    Anthony Dabarno sig

    Made a sig for my Hally teammate
  7. ShawnGlade

    Aces Jersey Concept

    what did you use to make these? interested in doing some of my own
  8. ShawnGlade

    RW - Harrison MacDuff

    Welcome! Halifax offers $1M to play on our second line. We're a first year expansion team and we're already in the conversation for the cup. We have a very well built roster and you would be the last piece of the puzzle to give us a very lethal forward core. We've got 2 active goalies, 2 capped defensemen and our first line should all be near or over the VHLM cap by the end of the season. As long as you're active, you'd have a spot on the PP and PK and you'd put up some pretty good points as your two linemates are active as well. If you choose to sign elsewhere, it's fine and let me know if you have any other questions
  9. ShawnGlade

    GM 12: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    im just shocked we got shut out. i thought we'd at least get 1
  10. ShawnGlade

    Halifax releases

    It's a sad day, but HFX must say goodbye and goodluck to 2 inactive members G - Potato LW - Aaron Butcher
  11. ShawnGlade

    GM 12: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

  12. ShawnGlade

    Guessing Game 3 Hatty of Guesses

    "3. Halifax 21’s seriously? Who came up with this name? I in fact want to know this. I will not bore my hunters with this one. I am not going to drop a truth bomb about this one. I just want to point out how the league dropped the bomb on this one. Almost like they were thinking we need a new team but don’t really care about the VHLM so let’s come up with a random name. Hell I have it on good authority that they went to a random hockey team name generator site and clicked generate. They used the first name that came up. Most of us would have hit generate again till we saw something come up that we liked. Well they didn’t care enough to hit it a second times. Thus is why the team is called the 21’s." As Halifax GM it wasn't my decision to name it. I had the same reaction but I remembered it's judt a name and it has historic significance
  13. So what we've learned is that HFX prospects are killin it
  14. ShawnGlade

    The activity killer?

    To keep people here I would support a sort of streak system, basically where if you reach the TPE cap 3 weeks in a row then you get like an extra TPE per week on the streak It wouldn't be huge but free TPE opportunities would keep people involved.