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  1. Shawn Glade has the most blocked shots in the WC #ROTY

  2. ShawnGlade

    D - Jonathan Hill

    Hey, @Fowll! Halifax offers 1.5M to be our #1 dman so long as you stay active! We're a second year expansion team coming off a tremendous first season and we'd love to have you! If not, I wish you luck the rest of your career and if you have any questions I'm always here!
  3. ShawnGlade

    D - Evgeni Komarov (LVA)

    I didn't have time to mention, but he'd be my #1 dman
  4. ShawnGlade

    D - Evgeni Komarov (LVA)

    1.5M to Halifax
  5. ShawnGlade

    S62 VHLM Award Ceremony

    well, in the sense that we kicked down the door. you and I both knew it'd be close Well, THOUGHT it would be close
  6. ShawnGlade

    S62 Prediction Points

    3 people earned 0 points and I was one of them god dammit
  7. ShawnGlade

    S62 VHLM Award Ceremony

    Gahhhhhh I didn't win GMOTY. Darn. I was gonna vote LVA to give myself a better chance but honestly looking back, diamond deserved it. Underdogs in the finals and swept us? Deserves praise. At least my player is walking home with some hardware
  8. ShawnGlade

    S62 VHLM Award Ceremony

    I voted for you, and you won so my vote decided it
  9. ShawnGlade

    Oslo Storm GM (VHLM)

    I have a newer member who has shown tremendous interest in VHLM management. I can train him for a week or so if he gets the job @DucksFan64
  10. ShawnGlade

    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    S62 World Cup Predictions Worst Team: World Bronze Medal: Scandinavia Silver Medal: Canada Gold Medal: USA
  11. ShawnGlade

    S62 World Cup Index

    USA if fine and I sent lines to where I usually do
  12. ShawnGlade

    C - Mark Gebauer

    Halifax would like to offer 1.5M to start off on our second line and maybe work your way up the chart. We're a second year expansion team trying to repeat our success from last year and you would be a part of that! If you choose elsewhere, that's fine, I'm always here if you need help ❤️
  13. ShawnGlade

    G - Brick Wahl (LVA)

    My goalie situation is none of your business until it is
  14. ShawnGlade

    D - Bobby Power (OTT)

    1.5 to Halifax in our second year as a team.