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  1. Good series I guess Helsinki. I thought our teams were far more even than most people or the sims thought but whatever. Yeah, this sucks for Davos. Honestly dunno where to even go from here, it was cup or bust this season
  2. I don't think it's fair to blame hedge for Riga's loss. Like the second sentence said, I think I just found a line combo that worked well. We shut down Riga's 2nd and 3rd lines hard and just overwhelemed them on offense. Riga has a young team, and it was just on full display this series. Unfortunate that it ended in a sweep, but sometimes thats just how it goes
  3. i sympathize with hedge a lot, he truly is the king of getting boned in the sims, even if riga won a cup recently.
  4. I realize that, still doesn't mean shit, as I honestly can't comprehend how our PK has literally not been a problem all season, but now is for whatever reason
  5. pfffffff, are you fucking kidding me? Series is already over because of how fucked up STHS is, not even gonna lie. I can't comprehend how we can sweep second place fucking Riga, but against Helsinki, nope we just lay a fucking turd on the ice. This is pretty damn stupid
  6. How do you feel about the recent articles? I put in new rules last week for VSN and IMO this week is already going really well
  7. Really sad way to see @Spade18's tenure end. It was really fun to GM alongside you and chat in DMs. Hope you return to full activity one day and see you GM again Welcome to the exclusive club @Esso2264! You're one of us now
  8. which means that nice season you had is about to be pissed away in 5
  9. GGs to Riga, definitely not how I expected it to happen, and hedge is still one of my favorite GMs to work with. 4 wins in the books and the Dynamo move on to Helsinki!
  10. I think it's a little unfair to rate Riga that low, given that their first 5 picks are currently on the team making an impact