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  1. Ive been a Gm for 3 seasons and picked 2nd overall every time i wish i was on your level
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaand for the THIRD consecutive season, Davos picks 2nd overall. I've been Davos GM for 3 drafts and picked 2nd every time. Although this time I'm happy because we really jumped up
  3. Gonna add in here, it's bullshit. Riga is way better on paper and they just get taken out in 5? I understand upsets happen but it seems like this is very consistent
  4. I give my personal recommendation to @uphillmoss, dude has been wanting to get into the game and he's active in the community
  5. Halifax and leading 3-1 in the semis. Name a better duo
  6. seriously? ok, i get it haha memes but thranduil is really deserving of a GM job. how did he not beat any of these guys? EDIT: Ok, disregard. Didn't know about the news until now
  7. ShawnGlade

    VHLM Expansion

    Ouch. Sorry but gonna have to say I don't like it. 3 expansions? You gotta be kidding me. I understand the league is expanding, but having smaller leagues is way better IMO because eventually the league is gonna get bigger and bigger and soon we're gonna end up with 15+ teams I like how we're growing, but god damn can we PLEASE stop expanding
  8. I guess since i was tagged ill give some input i think the leagues favors offense over defense so i can see why forwards are becoming more popular. However we always talk about this could be the best draft class maybe ever in the VHL, yet there are no defensemen that really stand out. Its surprising for sure, that there are really no bad first round picks, except all of them are forwards. I think the lack of defensemen is due in part to players wanting to be in the best scorer on their team, therefore were seeing less and less players who give a shit about defense. however i want to make this very clear to newer members. Defensemen CAN be offensively minded. Ill use my own defenseman as an example. Shawn Glade is currently a defender on the Riga Reign. His VHLM season saw him score 108 points and 48 goals. This was the best season by a dman in nearly 10 seasons. He just finished in 5th place for points among dmen, as well as achieving top 10 in plus/minus as well as shots blocked. You could prolly make an argument for Glade being thr best two way dman in the league right now. My point is that you can be offensive no matter where you play. Id argue dmen are MORE valuable because they have more chances to prove themselves than say a winger
  9. ''Riga 2nd line + Shawn Glade + Evan R. Lawson' + hedgehog"