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  1. 1. "Don't fuck this up please, this is my career too" 2. Obviously more active guys but I have faith that we can add that 3. Working out, getting leeeeeeean you could say 4. Welfare. But actually It's fun to make graphics. but they take time 5. I try to avoid MS just because they're hard af to write 8. Sad I didn't get drafted But I'm hopeful for our future
  2. ShawnGlade


    Man, coulda gotten that fat promotion if I stuck around Congrats though @rory
  3. Lot's of good offers here, thanks to everyone reaching out, I appreciate y'all. Was a tough, long decision, but after a while I've decided to go with an easy choice and head back to where it all began Accepted.
  4. Shawn Glade IV Junior Review Shawn Glade IV winds up for a shot against the St. Louis Jr. Blues Born in Denver, Colorado, Shawn Glade IV grew up apart of a family that had been all too familiar with the VHL. His great grandfather, Shawn Glade, was a three time continental cup champion with the Riga Reign, Vancouver Wolves, and Seattle Bears, putting together a very respectable career that even landed him in the history books. However his grandfather Shawn II could never stick in the league, as he bounced from team to team and could never find a home in the lea
  5. Player Information Username: ShawnGlade Player Name: Shawn Glade IV Recruited From: Returning Age: 18 Position: D Height: 70 in. Weight: 190 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. I've played for some great GMs, mainly just Beaviss and Bana my entire time on the site so I've always had a soft spot for Seattle and Vancouver, but man my funnest moments were when I played on these teams. Winning it all with Seattle in SG's last season is probably my favorite moment of all time in the VHL
  7. i thought we were gonna do some sort of competition, not a popularity contest like the VHL normally does. smh
  8. this vote is rigged. i want a recount.
  9. Even when I'm inactive I find ways to win cups. GG Wolves & Titans