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Despite Elimination, Toronto Shores Up Roster


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The Toronto Legion were eliminated in the NA conference finals in 5 games by the Vancouver Wolves. It was hardly the end to the season Toronto fans were hoping for, especially after such a dominant regular season. But it's the job of the GM and the franchise to move past losses and focus on the future, always. And while the team has already announced a potential successor to the GM role seasons down the road, current manager Ryan Power had some shoring up of contracts to do to get ready for the upcoming off-season.


Toronto announced contract extensions for Tzuyu, Matthew Kai, Lando Baxter, Ryan Sullivan Jr and Joey Boucher. Both Tzuyu and Kai signed 3 season extensions taking them all the way up to Season 70. Baxter, Sullivan Jr and Boucher signed single season extensions for S68. While it is unclear right now the "exact" direction of the Legion, one has to assume given the core of players under contract that the team plans to continue attempting to compete for the foreseeable future. We spoke with GM Ryan Power about the team, he had the following to say.



While it's always tough to be eliminated, I've seen my fair share of success and blunders in my long history as VHL GM. We know what our team is, we know where our strengths our, and despite losing some of our biggest names to retirement in Season 68, we feel we still have a shot at being a playoff caliber team going forward. I won't pretend that we don't have a move or two to make, and I can confirm we do have a deal in place that would help us bolster the ranks of our roster a bit. That said at this moment it is not our intention to rebuild. We see names like Tzuyu and Kai and we looked at Baxter and Saint, and we put them with Peace and Rift and realize that we still have a very solid team here. We got star power in all 3 important positions, center, d, and in goal. So for right now we plan on riding this out and seeing what the future and maybe free agency can bring us. 


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