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Thoughts Of A VHLM GM (at the end of the season)


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At the end of each VHLM season win or lose each team enters a time of transition. At this time, most teams will lose anywhere from 10%  to 100% of their active rosters. While some GMs will take this opportunity to face down a new challenge and rebuild with a new set of eager faces, In Philadelphia it is probably one of the saddest times of the season for us. The reapers have always set up their organization to be supportive and every time we lose a member to the VHL is like saying goodbye to family. Sure, they come visit and talk but it is not quite the same. Players priorities change and they get more invested in their new teams, as they should. I have been asking myself how long an organization I have set up in this manner can run effectively ? It is clear that my locker room is run differently than most in the VHLM but I have been wondering if setting up a home atmosphere in the VHLM  is a mistake. Did I take away from the purpose of  what the VHLM is supposed to be? A lot of the structure of Philly was created to prove I could run a locker room that was set up for the long term and that I could keep a VHL type locker room active. Now with that goal clearly dead, at least in my eyes, the question remains how much I should keep the same or change with the new season approaching?

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