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  1. BladeMaiden

    Brick Wahl LVA Pack

    Omg I love these, they look so damn good! I will be using this signature for sure so that i can show off my Vegas Pride!! Thanks so much Sonnet
  2. BladeMaiden

    BladeMaiden Reviewing Log

    Biography Reviews: -2pts Graphic Reviews: pt for October 21, 2018
  3. BladeMaiden

    My best so farr

    Review: This graphic is well composed. to some it might seem very simple, but this reviewer thinks that is this graphic's strong point. The way the Jersey blends with the space background is very appealing. I feel like the metaphor of this picture is that a star is being born, Johnathan hill as the next super nova to hit the VHL. the text is easy to read and has been added to the imaage in a way that makes it look like it was meant to be there. I can't wait to see your next graphic Fowll. 10/10 great job
  4. BladeMaiden

    John Madden Banner #2 - Halifax Era Begins

    Review: This graphic is really giving off that Halifax 21 team spirit vibe. Thranduil it is evident how much effort you put into trying to make your graphics interesting. The blue color scheme went well with your teams logo and the way you layered your images is nice composition-ally. I have looked back at your previous graphic and am noticing a marked improvement, keep playing around with your software and things will continue to get better. Great work and whoever gave you .5/6 was way too critical. 10/10 - because effort is everything from the Paula Abdul of reviewing
  5. BladeMaiden

    Lynx Kitten

    Review: I'm Sure Ottawa's Davison will be proud of this new image featuring him. This image has an interesting textual aspect to it that is unlike many of the other graphics this reviewer has seen. the image has good depth and color balance. the viewers eye really gets drawn into the image because of the darkened edges. I'm not sure weather Davison has struck up a brand contract yet but this might have been a good opportunity to incorporate that into the water-bottle. Overall this graphic is very pleasing to the eye and does what the creator intended, it highlights Davison's entry into the league.
  6. BladeMaiden

    New Drafted sig - Ryan Zabby

    Review: This Image is packed with color and personality. It is defiantly attention grabbing but not in a way that is garish. I like how you incorporated the text into the graphic, it is very bold without looking out of place. I would have liked to see you incorporate the Yukon logo into your graphic somewhere. Over all this image is eye catching while still being pleasing to the eye, I can tell you put some serious effort into this graphic and it shows.
  7. BladeMaiden

    The Pod Cast Show - Episode 7

    I clicked to listen to the podcast and the link is broken, the podcast is no longer posted.
  8. BladeMaiden

    Eric Parker Biography

    Eparker24, Pros- This has to be one of the most heartfelt, tear-jerking Biographies I have ever read. I love the tenacity that Eric showed by trying to take odd jobs so that he could play the sport he fell in love with. the part where the coach offers Eric's dad the job would literally warm the heart of even the most stone hearted individuals. Your style of writing is very easy to read and moves at an enjoyable pace. Cons- For a fake biography reading this gave a a bad case of the feels. Part of me things there should be a warning on this story about the emotional journey it takes it's readers on. Great Job 10/10 (I'm slowly becoming the bloody Paula Abdul of VHL reviewing)
  9. BladeMaiden

    From Riches to Rags

    Hi Diamond_Ace Pros- Your Biography was riveting, and I'm not just saying that because you are my teammate. I liked how you gave your player an a-typical background for a hockey player and you certainly have a flare for humor in your writing. Cons- 1023 words may make the player profile requirements but i was sad when I finished reading the article, it was just too good. I look forward to reading more from you in the future 10/10
  10. Shots fired, But Can These Goalies Hold Their Own? As the preseason gets underway things are starting to heat up in the VHLM. Last year former VHLM goalie Alexander Pepper @Sonnet(formerly of the Las Vegas Aces) and Cole Mertz @ColeMrtz21(current Goaltender of the halifax 21) had quite the heated rivalry on the ice. Both players were known for delivering quick cutting comments. Some would say that it is that rivalry that caused these two players to strive for excellence and in the end, it is what caused both goalies to be able to make a name for themselves so quickly. It is a question that stands whether this rivalry will follow these two spirited Goalies into the VHL or weather they will leave it in the minors? It will be interesting as the new season starts up to see what rivalries emerge and to see if the Cole will decided to continue the rivalry with with the Las Vegas Aces’ new goalie, Brick Wahl. Either way, this writer is sure that it is going to be another interesting year for hockey.
  11. BladeMaiden

    S63 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    I’m going to spice up my pick with some spicy 🌶, Alexander Pepper lol @Sonnet your next.
  12. BladeMaiden

    S63 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    That sounds like a lot of effort 😮I’m going to repeal my complaint and let you boys go back to trying to beat each other to a pulp
  13. BladeMaiden

    S63 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    Lol I would be more thankful for you correction if you guys hadn’t shunned me out of your little love fest..
  14. BladeMaiden

    S62 WC Gold Medal: USA vs. Canada

    Congratulations to team Canada 🇨🇦 on their victory!!
  15. BladeMaiden

    S63 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    Man Love is a strange thing...Lmao!