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  1. The least you could do is cheer for your GM you Traitor!! lol
  2. Woo! It's Nice to get some playoff action finally Looks like it is going to be a good series.
  3. @Beketov they guys from our sister sites are not use to the relaxed updating styles of the vhl. In the SBA or EFL if you don’t show your link in the event thread you don’t get approved. A little structure never hurt anyone, plus they come by it honestly.
  4. @DizzyWithLogic let me know if you need help getting started, things might seem difficult when you start out but it’s all very simple once you get the hang of it!
  5. I will likely not get GOTY so I voted for myself because this has beet my best season yet, forwards get all the love and honestly we have a whack of goalies who had a stellar season! Come on guys show some damn tender love 💗
  6. Amazing insightful take of the playoffs especially in hindsight. You psychic or just that good @Green?
  7. @FakeJenton it’s always fun to see how things look from the other side of the looking glass. Incredibly fun read and I cannot say enough about all you new guys, you are all amazing additions to the team and we would not be where we are without you guys!
  8. This is an amazing homage to you team @11 Eleven! I really enjoyed reading your take on what is going on and who you see our key pieces as. In my opinion Philadelphia is strong because of our endless depth, we have a lot of talent and more importantly we All have the same goal!
  9. ^best attitude it the VHLM, can we get this guy an award "most enthusiastic player"
  10. @InstantRockstar and @MexicanCowThis has been an amazing first season for your team Know we are going to keep seeing good things from you! and congrats to @Thranduil and @Acydburn you guys have done such a good job that I hope someone takes you out lol
  11. To @Rayzor_7 and all the Minnesota Storm it was a good series and you all should be very proud of your run, I gladly shake all your hands and know that the storm wil be very dangerous next season. To all my guys in Philly, I continue to be amazed by your effort and this teams performance! Good Job my reaper squad!! Just thought i would tag everyone who got a point! @11 Eleven @ahawk2191 @Mclovin@Gabella19 @FakeJenton @Tophdaddy@Green @zepheter @Patpou22 @FrostBeard @uphillmoss @FrostBeard @cpetrella