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  1. @MMFLEX To the one and only DAN DAN "The Man" Welcome up to the Pros Big Boi lol If you Notice @PatrikLaine is in on the hug, so in character for him lol
  2. Don't tell @Beaviss that you'll make him cry lol
  3. We actually had an awards ceremony in our LR Boom. Was nice to be able to give the team some well deserved recognition for all their hard work. We had a few Titans retire, why not send them out in style ?
  4. Best Tendie we could ask for Hope this shows how much we love having you and the rest of team with us. So excited to be starting another season with our Fav Zamboni Driver in net. I don't think I ever told you how funny that name is, cracks me up every time
  5. S75 Titan Awards : Titans kicked off their off season with these player awards. Here is a sneak peak at who went home with what. Huge Shout out to all our new rookies and long time dedicated Titans. @Big Bob @Tbeez99 @CrlineDijohn14 @Jubo07 & @Dil @Tape-to-Tape
  6. -> Titans S76<-- Week Ending January 17th 2021 Answer 3 for 1 TPE or 6 for 2 TPE! It's a new season Titans, hope you are all ready to get this one started with bang! We have a theme this week and it is 'Off Season Fun and Rookies". Give me your most sassy and creative answers, you all know I love reading your answers. 1.) Rookies, rookies everywhere... no seriously we have like 6 Kate Upton, Dan Dan,Victor Foles, Vick Fairchild, Gustav Hjalmarsson and Case Crosby. Vets say hi to our amazing rookies and give them your best VHL advice. Rookies tell us who
  7. You just made the decision of who to review a lot easier, Hope you enjoy my 2 cents on your work Victor. I'm going to crack out old edgy Blade just for you, you might wanna have an admin on stand by. spikes look like they hurt lol
  8. Every time you deny me TPE like this you make a VHL content creator cry ... because then I must review. Just sayin', this is your doing now Victor. I summited a correction but apparently now we don't do that,so be it. But when someones feels get hut because i was feeling sassy as I reviewed i'll point them in your direction Hope this weighs heavily on your soul lol
  9. Literally just saw @OscarTheSwagDude online and thought, I literally don't get to see this awesome guy enough on the forums. Making me miss our old scraps in EFL, Hope you are still killin' it there Oscar :D

  10. It's too bad Craig bot screwed us over on this one, I'm just happy to see you on the forum @Riley_Couture Much love to my fellow pack member!!!
  11. Better than what I could draw :3 @Emi it looks amazing! Review: I haven't seen a ton of hand drawn art on VHL so i have to give you credit for posting something very original. I'm not going to pretend i knew what a Vtuber was before you told me but i can say one thing definitively and that is the drawing is totally adorable. The one hand looks a tad mangled but the rest looks very clean and the colour play is by far the best part. This looks like it took a while 9/10 awesome job
  12. Beam me up @fishy I shall run a group again if needed, but i also get letting someone else do it to share the love
  13. I know when you made your last player you didn't want to choose a vhlm team but maybe you could put your offers in a randomizer and cast it for a PT and then you could go at the deadline and not feel like you were picking favs. Although I said it before when i was reapers GM that i really think you should just join and do whatever you want without worrying about it, literally every other admin is able to just have fun and you should too. When I was writing my 'advice it was meant to be anecdotal, although ngl i did miss the name you are thinking of at this point (because i ten
  14. Pros of joining a VHLM Team now: - Join a team just to kick around their LR and get to know the new kids - A great way to find gem draft picks for Prague - Gives you something to do now that you are out of the playoffs Blade's Rules for being a happy player: - Never Create for your team (or a team in general) People move and things change, do what will make you as a person happy. - Give yourself a name you will love, I like to make sure mine are punny lol - Surround yourself with people that make you happy DA I know you are a VHLM Commissi