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  1. The Louth Dynasty Whether you believe in kismet or you take a more practical look at the world, you will agree that some things have a neat way of working out. In case you didn’t know the last name Louth is from a primarily an English background but does have roots in Scandinavian or Viking culture. The name is derived from the term “luda” a word that back in the 700s was the imitational of a "loud" river. The Name is first recorded in England as a market town near Lincolnshire. The old Latin name of this town was Luda, and the church was known by "Hlude, which means the loud one, the noisy lake." Now you might wonder why it is important to go over meanings of names or the history of a family when talking about a GM and the contributions that he and his family have made since being appointed the GM of the Vancouver Wolves. First of all the Louth’s have a reputation for being a rowdy bunch and it fits perfectly with their surname. They are a bold and energetic group of hockey professionals and one could see merits to the analogy of describing them as rushing rivers. The Louth’s have been known to make their opinions known, work hard and initiate swift change effectively. If you look at the family crest provided below you will see that the Louth family crest displays a sable wolf. The main colours are gold and Sable (black). The gold is typically the colour of heralds, people who are usually in the know, vocal and good at communication. I feel like this adeptly describes most members of the Louth family and their GM personalities. The sable represents constancy and dedication which I think rounds out the family persona of the Louth’s. With the VHL Draft coming up who wouldn’t want to a GM like this? Going back to the beginning of this article what are the chances that a family with a wolf on its family crest would end up leading a team with a wolf as it’s logo and mascot? especially because the team had been established long before they joined the VHL. The Quebec Mute were founded in Season 31 and have had 5 GMs since that inaugural season. The Louth’s started their GM Dynasty in S59 with Keaton Louth, but various members of the family have taken the helm since. Brock Louth will be the next to step up into the family spotlight and try to make the Wolves, who rebranded and moved to Vancouver, a dominant VHL force! To date; Keaton Louth, Beau Louth and Brock Louth are all notable players who have served to bolster the Louth Dynasty in the VHL The last name Louth has become synonymous with quality hockey and the Vancouver franchise. The Louth’s have lived up to their family name and created a team with and lively reputation. Their locker room is very active which can be attributed to their GMs talkative nature and great sense of humor. So, this draft season if you are looking for a great VHL team with a proud history and a ballin’ GM look no further than Vancouver. @Beaviss (Part of your contract with Philly , hope you enjoy)
  2. I don’t plan on repeating last season in the VHL, I’m hoping Wahl will stand on his head and get Calgary through but you never can tell how it will go down. VHLM it can go down the exact same way though... is it too greedy to want 2 cups lol i think not
  3. HHH and Dahlberg what an interesting combo... seems volatile but effective
  4. Damn I’m getting flashbacks to last season... reoccurring playoff trauma...
  5. @Will where you hoping to go in the draft? Welcome back to the M where the GMs are crazy and your Achievements don’t matter ( towards the HOF at least lol) My Draft list seems to be writing itself lol
  6. We may not be cleaners by occupation but one things is for sure we know how to Sweep! @InstantRockstar good series and congratulations to you and your team on a good run. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the playoffs next season.
  7. I’m so proud of my boys they put in the work all season!! Fang coming into his own ❤️ and all my other players shooting like snipers.
  8. He like big macs and he can not lie you other brothers can't deny when they serve up that mac Ds taste with those toasted buns in your get sprung son! Really nice Graphic Big Mac ❤️
  9. Can’t be true, there has to be more in the making of a VHL GM... at least I would hope.
  10. I think most of us who have goalies do to be honest. lol still Kallis does well Don’t see why ppl would throw shade...
  11. Again Eno it’s not all on the goalie lol but a overall good game for Riga
  12. When @hedgehog337 sees @Enorama‘s post... Why ppl feel like they have to call out the goalies ? 👀