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  1. lol idk about that. I saw you took over CGY press conferences you the real MVP Buddy ❤️ This leauge needs more awesome ppl like you, keep being amaze-balls rookie
  2. Only You would say this.... McLovin', the man, the Myth, the Legend ❤️ a great player and an even better friend Thanks I hope Halfkey really turns it out this season HOF for him for sure lol
  3. EFL+6
  4. When is it time to hang up your skates? As Brick gets older it is finally getting to the point where you should ask when is it right to hang up your skates? As a person who played hockey in my real life I can say when the injuries outweighed the joy of playing I found my natural stopping point. Although i do admit to being stubborn and probably playing past what would have been seen as reasonable for most people, but hey I really loved the game. For those of you who don't know I joined the VHL and created Wahl probably because I missed hockey so much and if I am honest I am not surprised I made a goalie. I can't think of another position I would have ever wanted to be. I joined the Las Vegas Aces under @Jubo07 who was at that time a hot shot VHLM GM and never really looked back. When Wahl got traded to Sask and got his VHLM cup I though maybe my player would have more success and talent than I ever managed to muster in real life. I found out however that maybe Wahl and I stayed very true to each other. I am not complaining on how his career has turned out, even though he has never been the best Wahl is consistent and solid. I can honestly say the only thing that tarnished his reputation was me the user behind him. I can not deny however that despite how many times Brick has done well in non-typical competition like world championships that he will never make the Hall Of Fame like his uncle and namesake made by @Advantage. If i had known this going in i would have perhaps given Wahl a less prolific name and maybe that would have given him a better chance. I can't see Wahl becoming that much better in his last that leaves me with a question that I have contemplated since I left the Reapers. "When is it ok to hang up your skates?" and I think the better question for a member like me who has never actually managed to leave even when i intended to "When should i leave them hung up?" I've been asked a bit about my next player but if i am honest Brick may be my one and only. To this day I do not regret the creation of my electric boogaloo Wahl but I am just not sure if the VHL deserves a BladeMaiden Sequel. At this time I am happy to be able to enjoy seeing Calgary flourish, even if it is without me. @Bushito the team is looking amazing so far and I am so thankful to be ending my VHL stint with a supportive GM like @diamond_ace who has welcomed me to his team with open arms. I know this is a weird one but sometimes these VHL.coms just turn into Blade thoughts 101 lol
  5. Next time I’m on my laptop this goes in my sig!!! @Jubo07 this is amazing
  6. Apollo Hackett -D Shawnomir Jagr - F @diamond_ace
  7. 1.) I think that all the new changes should give us a chance to compete, especially that wahl guy he look pretty decent lol 2.) McDonalds - because is is world wide 3.)Yes, get on my back. You all about to get carried there. 4.)MVP Cinnamon Block for sure - our weakness of offensive for sure our D and Goal-tending seem strong enough 5.) over .920 or i had a bad season 6.)I actually got worse, depreciation is a be-och
  8. +6 EFL
  9. What is it like to get traded out of CGY? I can't say I was expecting it but it was the move that was right for the organization. What do you miss most about Calgary? Definitely the players. @enigmatic @Jubis @Krice13 @Bushito @cody73 and @diamond_ace I'm gonna miss you boys like crazy when I'm playing over in Europe. What is the silver lining about your move to Prague? I am bringing my bestie Roll @TacticalHammer with me <3. At least i am not making this trip alone and I get to being a familiar face with me and extra plus we will both have someone who speaks our language on the team!!! Do you like the Phantoms Logo? What is not to love it is purple and blue with black. it is very striking and i look forward to sporting it in the new season. You have a very sordid reputation in the VHL, do you think that affected your trade value at all? I've always been a player that would honestly say that to the right person i am worth everything and to the wrong person i am worth nothing. I an honestly say to both the GMs Involved in the trade that they treated me as a person of value and I really am thankful for that. What are your plans for the new season, with a new team? The same plan I have every season, i want to win me a cup.
  10. I mean sure you are relieved, @ShawnGlade made me the the Fucking team captain of the VHL outcast squad ... lol I thought we were friends Shawn! (oh wait nobody likes me so i don't get friends ...smh)
  11. I disagree of course, and see nothing wrong with a good debate but we were never going to have the same opinion on what a "reasonable discussion" entails. So I guess Happy Saturday to you as well.