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  1. Thanks for the idea! #i-start-my-own-witch-hunts
  2. I realize that some ppl will always have things to say about me so to save us all some grief this time I’m starting my own thread for my haters. So for all u mean hos and ppl who think I’m the devil incarnate just do as the gif says let it out, just put it in this thread! there I started the witch-hunt for ya’ll enjoy!
  3. @Alexandre it’s been 12 hrs this is skip one for you @fishy otc!
  4. Saving this for tracking @Alexandre just going to ping you again since technically your turn started when spartan posted.
  5. https://anchor.fm/huddlehussy/episodes/The-FA-Experience-e17jild @Renomitsu @Enorama @.sniffuM @Jubo passing mentions of @Banackock @Peace @whomever-I-Forgot
  6. https://anchor.fm/huddlehussy/episodes/The-Schedule-and-Idead-for-some-halloween--fall-spice-for-the-VHL-e17jif9 _lets pumpkin spice this witch
  7. Review : First to all if your user name was hank instead of frank this would have been perfect but i guess the rhyme was close enough to infer that prime king of the hill reference. really good use of the preexisting jersey to really sell the main logo. I know you probably did very little to that Vegas jersey but what was done was done well. I enjoy the very fluid art feel to the composition and the colour play is complimentary. 9/10 amazing job @Frank
  8. Do you have to have your closet doors open or closed when you go to sleep? Have you ever taken bottles of shampoo or conditioner or "lotion" from a hotel? Do you sleep with your legs tucked under the blankets or one foot out? Have you ever stolen anything before? Would you rather be attacked by a grizzly or a nest of hornets? Have you ever counted your steps while you walk?
  9. This may be my favourite exchange between members in over a year, you guys make me laugh! Don’t ever stop being yourselves, the world would be too dull without y’all
  10. And here I thought I was special , Whelp get your boxing gloves out then Jardy, I think we may need to hash this out. LMAO But really usually when people start sounding off I just say the same thing I do every time I piss off some over sensitive sim simpleton, if you don like what I say or who I am get feel free to get in the complaints line with the many like minded individuals who have a hate on for me. Lets be honest the line is pretty long at this point, please enjoy that long walk to the back of the line, the current wait time is indefinite because haters ain't worth my time and effort.
  11. Lol does that mean you mean the rude things you say to me too? lol we are all vhl oldies now but I’ll remember that
  12. It’s like i set it up and checked it or something ya Jardy, ya sassy hoe lol @Banackock idk why he hates ya lmao, what did you do to poor Jardy…
  13. https://anchor.fm/huddlehussy/episodes/Lets-Talk-Finals-e179i95
  14. BladeMaiden


    Review : By far the most artistic thing I've seen from you, there is a real feel to this graphic which adds another dimension to it. I love the attention to detail, even the logo is flipped in the glass. Idk how you do it but i love seeing it every week. This one gets a big HELL YESSSSSS from me 10/10 you are the man, the myth and the legend buddy
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