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random quote #37


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I never thought I'll have to come to this, but I have no other options but to come back with the random quotes during the season.


I had an article coming up, but got stuck at 1060 words. Which were wrote in 2 days and was still unfinished. I know that it's not the worst thing that could happen to me. After all, at least 1000+ words. But the desire to finish it is not there. Just like I have a little desire to do something big here so once again Randoms is about to suffer. Moscow in shambles. One of only things I'm still intersted in is GM'ing. Is this for a long time? Time will tell. I mentioned once I have a plan on doing this till S70 and then see from there. It also will depend on the success. 4 seasons in a row when Riga didn't make the finals and 2 out of 4 playoff loses were in the semi finals game 7. That's disappointing. And look at Kallis stats. It seems like the better he is playing, the bigger chance we won't have a big success in the post-season. Guess we need him to go back to sub 0.900 and the glory is ours again!


2 TPE to Kallis

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