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Back to my no desire theme.


Have you seen that I never update my player since the 08/11 week? Of course not, but this is a fact. Cause I'm not motivated. Btw, @Devise is probably still waiting for the answer to his question in his VHL.com piece. It's very likely he won't get the answer at all. Cause I have no interest to come up with something. Oh yeah, have you ever wondered why I didn't go off on a sim engine once again after the game 7 loss? I had a boiling point at one day right before Kastelic changed his position, but after that there weren't much complaints from me.


Nyko really suggested me to start to do graphics. He didn't know that I don't even know what is stocks and filters. And renders. I never needed this as most of times my brains was full of ideas and I wasn't so flegmatic. Guess what, there is still no chance I will start doing these even if I will never write any articles in a sim league. Cause you know what? I have no desire to learn anything. At least for now. I'm still enjoying summer and I'm not even sure when it will end.


Yeah, I'm done.


2 TPE to Randoms

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