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Busy Day, eh?


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Well, I doubt many teams in recent memory have had a busier 24 hours than the Vancouver Wolves just did. Fresh off a well-deserved Continental Cup win, a first for longtime GM Beaviss, the Meute traded their star defenseman Shawn Glade, along with their S68 1st, for Toronto’s 1st in S69 and Davos’ in S70. Keeping in mind that their first would be last in this upcoming draft, Vancouver got a 1st rounder +* for a player with 2 years until retirement, not to mention facing increasing depreciation. The trade shows the quality asset management by Beaviss who, once again, pulled off the kind of move that lead his team to a Cup victory.


*the asterisk here is that, while, yes, the Vancouver pick is last this year, Toronto has a very good team and could very well be later than Vancouver’s pick due to the upcoming expansion of the VHL. However, all of that speculation only matters if Toronto manages to finish high enough next year for their pick to be as late as, or later than, Vancouver’s, which is not a guarantee. So, for now, we’ll say that Vancouver added value by swapping 1sts.


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