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  1. 1) This Series with Saskatoon has been an all-out war every night for 60+ minutes. This series could have easily been the finals with debatable the two top teams. Tonight June 6th 2020 its do or die for the legendary S72 Reapers, How are you personally going to ensure victory in game 7? Offense. I'm still working on rounding out my game without the puck, but I'm still pretty darn good with it on my stick. 2) Each game so far in the 2nd Round has been some of the best hockey and most intense/exciting back and forth play… Other than game 4 where your team only managed a season low 8 Shots on net, WHAT HAPPENED !? Uhhhhhhhhh no comment. 3) Who runs the music in the dressing room and what genre, or artist is usually playing on the team stereo before games? Never me. Nobody else on the team likes it when I get the aux 4) Many of you this could potentially be the last time wearing a Philadelphia Reapers Jersey, whether you’re going into the VHLM dispersal draft or graduating to the pros, What has been your most memorable experience as a member of the Reapers Organization ? Getting my first playoff point. It was a meaningless goal in a game already won, but it still felt great to get the monkey off my back. 5) With almost a dozen playoff games under your belt, How do you feel about your personal performance compare to your expectations ? I mean, I wish I was doing better, but considering how few games I've gotten under my belt in general, I can't say I've been doing too poorly. 6) Are there any changes or improvements to increase activity and teammate communication that could be made in the Reapers Discord LR ? Nah, I'm loving life in my hometown.
  2. I'd love the chance to. I've been an AGM in the past and feel like this is a natural next-step to take.
  3. I don't think I'm quite qualified nor able to be a VHLM GM, as it takes a certain set of people skills and unquestionable availability that I don't have, but I feel qualified to be an AGM. I've been one in the VHL before and can be one again in the 'M.
  4. 1. Where do you see yourself going in the draft? Honestly, I'd hope to go #1. My brother was the humble type, but I want to be the best. 2. What do you think is your biggest selling point to VHL teams? Offense. You want a fourth forward on the ice? 3. How do you feel you add to a lockerroom? Consistent conversation. Not gonna let us slip when things get easy or sulk when things get hard. 4. Who will be the first person not in the room with you that you will call once you get drafted? Beaviss 5. Out of all the players in the VHL, who do you model your game after? Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen (spelled from memory, I think it's close). Offense juggernaut. 6. What do you want your legacy to be in the VHL? Points. Points were the one thing that kept Jagger from an individual trophy, and I'm not going away without one.
  5. 1) Well, I'm also a new face, having just recreated and signed with Philly. It might be cliche, but Dmaximus, the GM, has really made the biggest impression on me. I definitely feel like I made the right choice. 2) Honestly, I'm surprised hearing it now. I took a brief hiatus from all-things VHL and just wanted to sign with my hometown club. I didn't consider that we were really in such a good spot to compete. 3) Between Mexico City and San Diego. I hate the heat. 4) Seems like a nice guy. I'll let you know. 5) I've liked shootouts. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I think they're fun. I'll let you know once I get a few practices under my belt here. 6) Me I'm from here. I respect Kobe Bryant (RIP) a crap ton, considering he went to a high school that my school often played in sports (with a huge age difference, ofc).
  6. This is reaaallly slick Beav!
  7. Tough choice. I was planning on going Yukon, just to keep the theme between my players, but I'd be remiss to not take the chance to play in my hometown. I love Philadelphia. Go Birds!
  8. Player Information Username: Philliefan Player Name: Jackson Philliefan Recruited From: Other (Returning Member) Age: 19 Position: D Height: 73 in. Weight: 212 lbs. Birthplace: Germany Player Page @VHLM GM