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  1. Done Twitter (was already following) and Instagram (new follow, just look for the guy with Jagger in his name lol)
  2. Transaction ID: 3RW885043L9948340 Donation: $20: Pick Four, can double any of the non-cash options (maximum of one option can be doubled) Free Week (12 TPE Capped) x 2 $1M Player Store Cash (If you are selecting this option please see here regarding claiming it) 5 TPE Uncapped
  3. Doesn't work. Enough said.
  4. What're you coming at me for? lol. He and DIl were the ones bickering. I was just asking a question for context. Chill ❄️
  5. I didn't do anything lol. I was just asking, because I was surprised. It's a valid question.
  6. Wait.... How old are you? And wouldn't calling you a child that lives on Jupiter be inherently more far-fetched than simply calling you a child? Lol