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WSJ on Long Draft Wait


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Wolf Stansson, Jr. has been patiently awaiting the S68 VHL Draft. It has been a lengthy wait considering his VHLM team, the Yukon Rush, were eliminated in a hurry. Then came the long wait for both the VHL/VHLM playoffs to conclude... then the week+ of offseason stuff with the draft coming toward the tail end. One could say that this would be a prime opportunity for WSJ to capitalize on his workouts and try to maximize/make a case for himself as a worthy draft pick. 

"I have been working hard on my game. Offseason, regular season, International Play - my preparations will always be the same week in, week out. Show up to work, play hard, work hard, go home, sleep hard. Nothing more, nothing less to it. Wolf Stansson, Jr. can only control what he can and if the teams do not like me, well, that's going to be their loss. 


I am going to make it publicly known that I am only willing to play for a VHL GM who has shown genuine interest in me -- aka send me a PM, get to know me, take me out and wine, dine me. You know, the works. Otherwise, I won't be interested in helping your organization if you're just going to show up on Draft Day and announce that I'm contractually yours. No thank you sir, I'll go back to Iceland.


In Iceland, we are a hockey family. I don't care how they do it in America or wherever else -- this may be a profession and a business... but I'll stick to my values and if you cannot work with my values, then you might as well look else where."

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