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Calgary Wranglers: Season 33


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GM: Jason Glasser (504/295/171/38/628)

Former GM(s): Jardy Bunclewirth (504/172/307/25/369)

Record (after S20): 1,008 GP | 467 W | 478 L | 63 OTL | 997 P | 3,033 GF | 3,492 GA

Playoff Record (after S20): 60 GP | 31 W | 21 L | 8 OTL | 2-1 vs TOR, 1-1 SEA, 1-0 vs HEL, 1-0 vs DAV, 0-3 vs NYA



Season 33 VHL Entry Draft

Round 1, Pick 4: Tomas Valiq

Round 1, Pick 7: GIYGAS

Round 2, Pick 20: Edward Eldred

Round 3, Pick 27: Razzle Dazzle

Round 4, Pick 37: Giacomo Sgroi


Season 33 Regular Season - 72 GP | 48 W | 17 L | 7 OTL | 103 P | 262 GF | 181 GA

More changes were made in Calgary as Ryan Sullivan, Yuri Grigorenko, Shane Lynch and Marius Henchosz were all gone but Jarvis Baldwin, Radislav Mjers, GIYGAS, Felix Zamora and Patrik Johansen were all brought in to offset the losses. Baldwin had the biggest impact since he led the team in scoring with a huge 138 point outburst. Rybak and Marcellin also had huge years with 128 and 126 points a piece. However, this team didn't seem to much depth outside this top line since the next highest scorer had 70 points. Rift had a strong season with 41 wins and a 0.917 save percentage. The Wranglers basically had the same season as last in the regular season.


Season 33 Playoffs - 13 GP | 7 W | 4 L | 2 OTL | Win vs Toronto Legion, Loss vs New York Americans

In the first round, the Wranglers had to play the Toronto Legion in the quarter finals. The Legion finished 32 points behind the Wranglers but they sure gave them a tiny scare by forcing this series to 6 games. The Legion were 2-1 up in the series and brought the Wranglers to O.T in Game 4 but Clark Marcellin evened up the series at 3:42 into O.T. The Wranglers ended up winning the final 2 games by outscoring Toronto 8-2.


In the next series, the Wranglers would face the New York Americans who have twice before beaten the Wranglers in the playoffs. Calgary lost the first game 2-1 before winning 3 straight including Game 4 in O.T. However, the dreaded 3-1 curse was indeed a real thing. Calgary lost Game 5 in O.T. Lost Game 6 in Calgary 4-1 before going to O.T in Game 7 before old Wrangler Nikolai Chershenko ended the series with his OT winner halfway through the frame.


Baldwin continued his scoring pace from the regular season by putting up 20 points in 13 games. Damon Wolfe had himself a good post season with 18 points as well. GIYGAS scored 5 goals in the playoffs but 60% of them were GWG. It was a nice run which almost resulted in the Finals but instead, the Americans proved to just have the Wranglers number.



Not available until Season 35



Scotty Campbell (MVP): Jarvis Baldwin

Brett Slobodzian (Most Outstanding): Jarvis Baldwin

Mike Szatkowski (Most Points): Jarvis Baldwin

Kevin Brooks (Most Goals): Jarvis Baldwin

Alexander Beketov (Most Assists): Clark Marcellin



The biggest thing that happened player wise was Volodmryr Rybak moving into the top spot in goals with 282, assists with 344, points with 626 (only player with more than 600 points), +/- with +239 and shots with 2,828. Clark Marcellin moves into 4th while being just 4 points behind Jardy Bunclewirth for 3rd. Marcellin also moves into 2nd in hits with 1,219. Damon Wolfe breaks 100 points with 161 moves into 17th all time in scoring. Baldwin breaks 100 points and moves into 19th with his 1 amazing season of 138 points. Rift moves into 3rd in wins with his 41 but has a ways to catch Henchosz and his 208 wins.


Rybak solidifies his top spot in playoff scoring with 52 points. He also leads a few more offensive categories. Wolfe and Marcellin have shots to move up to 2nd place as they have 26 and 25 points while Baldwin moves to 7th with his 20 points. Rift is 3rd in playoff wins with 7 while having the 2nd best save percentage and G.A.A.


Calgary Wranglers Stats

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