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VHLM Insight Vol. IV - VHL Bound?


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Welcome to the last edition of VHLM Insight for the season! We're going to take a different approach for this final edition and focus on a player in the VHLM who will most likely be moving up to the VHL. So without further ado, let's jump right into it.


The Ottawa Lynx emerged victorious and was crowned Founder's Cup Champions by sweeping the Minnesota Storm in the Finals. We got a chance to sit down with Forward Micha Sage after the celebrations and get his thoughts on the season, winning the championshop, and whether or not his sights are set on moving to the VHL or staying behind in the VHLM one more year.

Micha, thanks for joining us again. First let me say congratulations to you and the guys for winning the Founder's Cup, this has to be something special for you guys I'm sure. With that said, what are your thoughts on how your season went? Was there anything you wish you could go back and change, or wish you would have done more of?


Micha Sage: Thank you so much, and wow, it's been quite a rookie season, for sure. I think our season went extremely well, the guys really did an amazing job. I couldn't have asked for better teammates honestly, we always were keeping each other in focus, and we never really gave up on fighting throughout the whole season. 


As for anything I'd go back and change; No, not really. I think overall for my rookie season this is as good as it could get, really. I may not have ended up with scoring as much as I wished I could have, or felt I should have, but I have to take the victories where they are and ending the season with 94 points is something to still be proud about.


Any moment that stands out for you this season as a proud moment? 


MS: Man. I think just looking at our team is something to be proud of. We had a bunch of our guys in the top for goals, assists, scoring...you name it, we had at least three or four guys in the top 10 for those categories. Coming in second for goals scored in the Playoffs behind Thorny is an honor, he played absolutely amazing. Just to be mentioned in the same breath as this team is something to be proud of. 


You guys seemed to have the formula all season long. It was pretty close between you and Philadelphia all season, with it taking until the end of the season for you guys to make the jump to first. What was the rivalry with Philly like? 


MS: I think one of the highlights of my rookie year will always be the games between us and Philly, and just sitting there watching the standings so closely. We were always nipping at their heels, then they would pull away from us, we'd claw our way back, then they'd pull away again. I think even though we were rivals, and we fought neck and neck throughout the season, I feel like there's a ton of respect between both teams. They are a great group of players, they really gave us a run and we'd give them it right back. Honestly, I have nothing but respect for the players and staff over there, hell of a good team. I know I will be keeping an eye on the VHL draft to see where some of them end up.


One final question before we wrap this up and let you go; Are you planning on staying in the VHLM or will we see you in the big leagues next season?


MS: I am pretty sure I will be moving up to the VHL for next season. With two new teams being brought in, I am sure there will be plenty of chances to be called up. Either way, if I move up or stay down, I am ready for whatever is next for me honestly. It'd be sweet to stay down and try for another shot at the title, but moving up is the ultimate dream.


Best of luck to you, Micha, it's been a pleasure as always. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you. That does it for the final installment of VHLM Insight. It has been an absolute blast and pleasure doing these articles throughout the season, and we hope to continue the tradition next season. Until then, thanks for reading!


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