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The Rat Race




The Quebec Meute and Toronto Legion have been battling in out for top spot in the North American Conference all forty-nine games this season, but the real battle in the Conference has been between the Seattle Bears and New York Americans for the third and final playoff spot. Much like last season the Bears were heavy favorites to take third place in the North American Conference after their huge off-season moves, but the young American squad have made for some tense moments for the veteran Bears club.




The Helsinki Titans were holding a fire-sale after being ousted from the Season Thirty-Six VHL playoffs when the Bears came calling about two major players on the Titans roster. Superstar forward Ethan Osborne and superstar defenseman Willie Weber were shipped off to Seattle in exchange for a Season Thirty-Eight first round pick, a Season Thirty-Nine first round pick, a Season Thirty-Nine second round pick, and defenseman Gregory Glass. With the acquisition of two of the biggest names in the VHL today the Bears were looked upon to not only take the final playoff spot in the North American Conference but possibly challenge both the Meute and Legion for top spot. The Americans also made a splash in the trade market when they picked up perennial power forward Odin Tordahl from the Davos Dynamo. Tordahl a two time Continental Cup champion with the Helsinki Titans in Season Thirty-Four and then last season with the Dynamo, brought a veteran presence to the Americans that they were slowly lacking since they started their rebuild back in Season Thirty-Five. Coming off a 100 point season with the Dynamo last season, Tordahl was going to be looked upon to help the Americans compete for that final playoff spot in the North American Conference.




Fast forward to forty-nine games played in the Season Thirty-Seven regular season and the Bears currently sit three points behind the Americans in the playoff race. The race has been tight all season with the Americans getting off to a great start out of the gate while the Bears stumbled, but as the season has progressed the Bears have started to find their groove closing the gap to three after their most recent win in a game against New York. The Americans have climbed their way to the playoff spot on the backs of a very strong offensive game, with 152 goals on the season. The Bears however have struggled offensively which is surprising to say the least since the team boasts one of the purest scorers in VHL history in Osborne. The Bears sit seventh in the league in goals for ahead of only the Meute, Calgary Wranglers and Helsinki Titans. One thing the two teams do have in common this season is the fact both clubs are having trouble winning games away from home. The Bears and Americans have just a combined twenty wins away from home this season, which both clubs will need to improve on, not only for the playoff race but for once one of the two clubs finally see playoff hockey.


The fight for the final playoff position has just started and it's only going to heat up from here.



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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

534 words. A really interesting look at the situation in the North American Conference. Obviously in Europe there isn't that type of race, so to have two teams battling it out, it creates good Media Spots like this one. Should be exciting to see what transpires in the last few games.


Grammar: 2/2

Some minor things.


in = it

season the = season, the Bears

American = Americans

today the = today, the

two time = two-time

100 point = 100-point

season has progressed the Bears = season progressed, the Bears


Appearance: 1/1

It looked as if it met the requirements.

Overall: 6/6

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