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Lesieur Speaks on Start in VHML


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Finally, Guy Lesieur has made it to the VHML and is on the doorstep of his ultimate dream – starting at RW in the VHL with some of his childhood heroes who are still lacing up their skates. So, a mere 8 games in, how are things going. We’ll let Guy tell it in his own words.


Well, I have to tell you. I was really nervous for that first game in a Mexico City Kings jersey. It was a special thrill because it was a home game in front of our own fans. We were playing the Ottawa Lynx and what an exciting game it was. We were all knotted up at the end of regulation. I had some real butterflies and was praying I wouldn’t let the team down with a bad penalty or a missed assignment on defense – not my two strong suits. But neither side budged and OT came and went without deciding the game. Then came the shootout. Our goalie Solomon Crawford just stood on his head and stonewalled the Lynx shooters to give us the 3-2 OT win.


Personally, I’ve done all right. I’m on the fourth line, but I’m getting an average of 20+ minutes playing time and I get to skate on our power play too, so I can’t complain. I’m hoping to keep skating hard, prove to coach that I deserve to move up and help the Kings win a lot more games. Three goals and 2 assists in 8 games isn’t terrible and I’m particularly proud of my +5 while on the ice.

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