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Wroclaw Times - Sit down with Greg Eagles


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As the league begins another season, we took a moment to sit down with Greg Eagles to discuss His and Vancouver's hot start to the season and everything else that has happened in the off-season


R: Welcome Greg, glad you can join us

G: No problem, always happy to sit with the Wroclaw Times. You guys have always been great to me and I always look forward to these interviews

R: Vancouver is coming of a cup win last season, do you think the Wolves can repeat?

G: I believe so, we have a great group of players who are hungry for more success. We know it will be a hard road but everyone in that locker room is willing to put in the time and effort in practice to ensure we return for a 3rd straight final appearance. 


R: How was your day with the cup?

G: It was amazing, I took the cup back to Poland and spent the day in Wroclaw. I am trying to encourage more kids to play hockey and I think that trip will help in the long run. We haven't had many polish players in the league so I am hoping for more to join.

R:  We were there covering the event and we could see all the joy that you brought to your fans, moving on how do you think the Wolves start to the season has been?

G: I think we are off to a great start, we are currently 7-2-1 and tied for first in the league with Calgary. Everyone in the locker rooms believes we can keep up the pace.

R: You also have gotten off to a hot start, do you think you can continue with this hot start?

G: I know it is a long and tough season but I have trained hard and came into this season knowing what I need to do to succeed as a starter. I am thankful Vancouver has given me the opportunity and I am working hard to pay them back. Even though I have been off to a great start with some pretty good stats, I know I can get better and I am working towards that end

R: You currently sit 9th in Save % with a .921 and 3rd overall in GAA with a 1.96, do you believe you can maintain these numbers or will the increase/decrease?

G: I can only hope to maintain these numbers for the rest of the season, that would be amazing. I have a great team in front of me and they are the ones who are the reasons my numbers have been great. My goal is to get better numbers but I will be happy if they stay around the same range. I never thought that 10 games into the season I would be 3rd overall in GAA. There are so many great goalies in the league so it was definitely a surprise but it's also showing me that my hard work is paying off

R: Thanks Greg, that is all the time we have for today. Good luck the rest of the season

G: Thanks it was a pleasure

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