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NYA Radio 98.3 late night interview with Guy LeGrande of New York Americans


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Radio host: Good evening VHL! This is Jörgen Elmebeck and you're listening to Night Caller NYC on New York Americans Radio, 98.3 FM. Ending tonight we have a doozy, we have the amazing player that is our star defender at the Americans... Guy LeGrande!

[studio staff clapping]

Host: Welcome, Guy!

Guy LeGrande: Thank you so much.

Host: You're leading the Americans in points, blocked shots and who knows what else, and have been top 4 in the league in many aspects, what has laid the ground to this inspired playing this season?

Guy: [dry] Never shy away from hard work, never think of yourself as less than anyone else. Good things will follow.

Host: Right, but during your life and in the organization you surely have some people to thank?

Guy: I have always made my own way.

Host: [short silence] DEVY SHAM commercial now!! Right back to Guy LeGrand right after, one of the hottest defenders in VHL! This is NYA Radio 98.3!

[Commercial: With Devy Sham, you will not get only one, but three Sham Bulls 7.0 if you buy one! Ladder included to get in, as well as a free tow mirrors that you can't even fold in! [dislcaimer voice] Truck nuts are extra, other fees may be added.]

Host: Welcome back, dear listener! So Guy, I know you have to hit practise in the morning and I am sorry our time is so short, I hope we can talk for a bit longer next time. But what can we expect from you and the Americans in the future?

Guy: Whatever we have coming to us.

Host: [coughs] This has been Jörgen Elmebeck, "The Proto American" on NYA Radio, 98.3 on your FM dial, good night VHL... and wherever you are, Marchand delenda est.


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