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Perrin settling in


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Seabass Perrin is settling in well in Prague after being selected in the last VHL draft 16th overall. He just finished purchasing his first home after signing his first VHL contract which includes generous bonuses. The home he purchased a condo right down the street from the Phantoms practice facility for convenience and just finished setting up his new pad with a nice view of the city of Prague. Not only did he give us a tour of his new crib but he also brought us down to his underground parking garage to show of his newly purchased classic BMW E30 geared with countless upgrades. Must be nice to be playing in the big leagues now I suppose. 


With the new home and car we asked Perrin if he had found much time to go explore around town. 


" Well no I've been so busy getting my life in order that I haven't had much time to actually go out and enjoy the town. I mean I went to a club with the guys before the season began but that's about all the exploring I've done. I plan to bring a date out to the Prague Castle next week if everything turns out so that should be cool. "


We also got to ask him just what are the positives he can take so far playing for the Phantoms.


" Well we haven't been playing well at all. But, one of the positives we can take from this season is the character and leadership we have on our young team. We may be losing but our spirit ain't crushed and we have to right players in place to make sure that the team doesn't veer too far off course when in comes to developing our team."


The Phantoms are set to play toomorow against the defending champions, the Vancouver Wolves they've played well against the Wolves so far and we hope to see them come out with a win this time. 

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