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  1. Presser Questions 1. The Holiday season is underway, name me a holiday movie that you watch every year? 2. Lets be honest here, have you even started getting gifts for your loved ones? Or are you a last minute kind of guy. 3. If there was a movie made of your life, who would you like to see play you? 4. Do you play any other winter sport else than hockey? 5. The Phantoms are comming off a 5-2 loss to the Malmo Nighthawks where the Nighthawks managed 51 shots on McPine. What does the team have to change to be able to limit the amount o
  2. The holiday season is finally upon us, mind you 2020 will be a especially difficult year for the homeless as many are being left in the streets during the cold winter months as shelters around the world have to limit their number of beds due to COVID-19. The shelters themselves are also going through a rough time as they are also having to pay out for lots of plexiglass barriers and other PPE in order to keep the virus at bay and out of their shelters. In the city of Prague, local hockey star, Seabass Perrin has chipped in with quite the generous donation to the city's shelters aft
  3. 1. Ill give myself A-, historically ive always been a minus players throughout my career, for once im not in the minuses. 2. Defeating Seattle. 3. Well taking less penalties is a great start to rectify that problem. 4. Grey Goose Vodka on the rocks. 5. A Gritty doll, a case of beer and a well aimed prank at his expense. 6. Give me the rainbow. But in my home were rockin some Phantoms colors.
  4. with the last pick ill select myself, Seabass Perrin
  5. Seabass Perrin is happy to be back in Prague and to be back home. When he moved out to Helsinki last year, he never sold his home in Prague which made it a lot simpler for the man to just resettle back in the city of Prague considering he didn't have to go out buying/renting a place. "I won't lie I planned this all out. Before I left Prague for Helsinki, I already had decided that Helsinki stay was only going to be a one year thing. Deep down I wanted to come out to Prague and finish off my career where it all started. So I kept paying for my pad in Prague instead of putting it up
  6. After our voting process it was concluded that @omgitshim, Cinnamon Block will wear the C this year. The team will also be running @Doomsday, Thomas Landry II and @animal74, Ondrej Ohradka as assistants for the year. Congratulations to all 3 guys for having been voted in to the team's leadership squad.
  7. I will pick Valtteri Vaakanainen and Jimmy Spyro
  8. Fucken fantastic! Hoping to go out to shoot some birdies today. How she been anyways?
  9. 1. Having 1 win in the first 4 games out of the gate isnt a great start. What do we have to change out there to be able to turn this around? 2. Thomas Landry has exploded with 6 point in the 4 games, who do you think is best suited to challenge Landry as the Phantoms top point getter this season with Havlova being gone? 3. Do you have any pre game rituals that you'd like to share? 4. Are you a fan of a routine or do you just go with the flow most times? 5. Pepsi or Coke? 6. Prediction time, how many points we will we end up this year
  10. Thomas Landry II SS. Hornet @Hooperorama
  11. Good to have you back in the vhl cabbageman we missed ya
  12. After reaching the Continental Cup finals last season with the Titans, Perrin had floated around the idea to the media that he might just hang up his skates a year early. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case as Perrin just signed on to finish his career back where it all began, in Prague playing for the Phantoms. When asked how difficult was his the decision to sign in Prague, the veteran defenceman had the following to say: I had a couple of offers from other teams but I never really considered them as for me it was more about deciding if I'd return to the Phantoms or retire. P
  13. New Presser Questions 1. Dagmar Havlova was traded to Warsaw this week. Do you any parting words for the longtime Phantom? 2. How do you feel about our offseason moves? Ex: Trades, Signings,Draft 3. What have you been doing to keep busy this offseason? 4. Many of our S68 players will be playing out their last seasons this year. How do you feel about this team looking ahead past this next season? 5. What your favourite song to dance to? 6. Other than your hometown what is your favorite city to go visit?
  14. Damn how do you do it. Good work man