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  1. Well it's theme week again and this season our theme is Alternate Realities. Well I couldn't really think of any alternate reality other than back in Season 74 where I was torn between resigning with my longtime team the Prague Phantoms for 2 years or sign on with the Helsinki Titans for the one year to give my player at the time, Seabass Perrin his first real shot at competing for the Cup. Of course as we know Seabass ended up signing on with the Titans where they reached the finals only to fall short to the Vancouver Wolves in the S74 Continental Cup Final. Afterwards I chose to close out m
  2. The Saskatoon Wild will be having a pretty exciting start to their week by going on a 3 game road trip. They are scheduled to play some top teams in the Eastern Conference, the Minnesota Storm and the league leading Mississauga Hounds. The Wild are currently on a 5 game winning streak that started over the weekend but that pales in comparison to the current 17 game winning streak the Mississauga Hounds are on. Hell, the Hounds have only lost 3 games this whole season and look pretty unstoppable out there. However the Wild might just be the only team that may give the Hounds a run
  3. Alright we're here with The Seabasstard in the Wild's locker room after a 7-0 trouncing of conference rivals the Houston Bulls. Among those seven goals was The Seabasstard's 2nd hat trick of the week. Seabasstard, how have you been making it all happen out there? " Honestly I would have never expected to be able to post a hat trick one day let alone two in a week. I don't know maybe it's luck or maybe I'm just that good. I've noticed that most of my goals have been either coming off the faceoff or have just been deflected in. I'm just trying to do all the small things well and the
  4. The Seabasstard was late for practice today and was reprimanded by his coaches but hasn't yet been asked to sit a game due to being tardy. Rumour has it that The Seabasstard rolled into practice 10 minutes late with his game shit filled with mud after going to buy himself a new/used pickup truck that he found on facebook marketplace. "Yeah i'll confirm Seabasstard was late for our practice being facing the Halifax 21st. It's been swiftly dealt with as our coaching staff has had a sit down with the player to discuss priorities. Hockey will be this young man's career and he'll have t
  5. Looks like @Doomsday could form his very own fan club
  6. It may be wayyy late but we performed a team vote this last week in order to select our leadership team for the year. Im proud to announce that Thomas Landry II @Doomsdaywill continue on as our team captain after receiving a vote from every single voter. He will be assisted this year by John Leclair II @Fire Vigneaultand Dominic Gobeil @Domg5. Congratulations Go get em boys! Go Phantoms Go!
  7. Claiming for week of April 4th 2021 3/3
  8. This was a very in depth story of Bouchard getting lost in Japan. Might I suggest hiring a guide in any future travelling plans cus he might not come back next time haha. I feel like I also got the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Japan and other cultures by reading this point tasks. I never heard of capsule hotels but I am curious on how much their charging people to stay in those cubes. I wish the article would've had more connections to hockey life but the media spot still contained a lot of interesting info to keep me interested throughout. This obviously took a lot of work and
  9. Your media spot added some insight on the Reign's early season struggles and I enjoyed the use of player quotes in the article. I however would of liked some insight on why your team is struggling. I agree with you though this Reign team just looks too good on paper to continue sucking this hard. Just got to have some patience things will eventually turn around hopefully. 7/10