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  1. suck it @flyersfan1453 @ContinentalCup036
  2. NEW PRESSER 1. The team went though a rough start to the season, what contribution best helped us conquer that rough patch? 2. If an NHL contract was offered to you, would you abandon the VHL? 3. Who do you think most improved so far over last season? 4. Summertime is here! What is you favourite flavor of ice cream? 5. What's your go to cardio routine? 6. Block was our scoring leader in S71 and FIzzlebeef, who's playing his last season in the VHL currently leads all Phantoms in scoring. Who do you think will lead the team in scoring at year's end?
  3. Awesome thanks for the reviews guys I think this is the first media spot I get reviewed what an honor. Also, claiming my 2nd week for this.
  4. The Phantoms had quite the rough start as they were sitting at the bottom of the league's standings earlier this week after they started the season winning only 1 of their first 6 games. They've recently bounced up from the cellar of the league standings to the 9th position with their two recent wins against the Malmo Nighthawks. The Phantoms have been outshot in every one of their games so far, sometimes heavily but thanks to unbelievable play from Solomon Crawford and a high team shooting percentage the Phantoms have been able to steal a few wins. Crawford seems to be settling in well after a rough start in his Phantom's career and he seems to be the Phantoms saving grace right now as the team shouldn't even be winning games if you look at shot totals. He's playing well above .900 right now at .911 which is a first for Crawford. Not too shabby considering he's playing for a team who's currently letting the most shots against through to their goalie at 338 shots against which is almost 50 more then the next team. He took the starting role this year and he's just running with it. Even though the team is currently 3-6 the team has 3 players among the VHL's top 10 point getters with Roll FIzzlebeef, Ben McGirr and Seabass Perrin all tied for 8th in the league with 10 points. That's a first for the young Phantoms franchise but it all means nothing if the team can't find a way to limit shots against and come up with a winning record. Lets hope next week will turn out a little better for the Phantoms. players mentinoned: @AW13 @cartoes @TacticalHammer
  5. Oh Captain Pearson lead us to victory!
  6. Wow my teams first game turned out like an old school pond hockey game. 13 total fights love it
  7. The Free Agency season was a little rough on the Prague Phantoms. Once the no trade period had been lifted the Phantoms immediately announced that they were trading a third round pick over to Moscow in exchange for the rights to two pending UFAs, Smitty Werbenjagermenjensen and Gritty. The team spent many resources on showing the two men around the city of Prague, various Phantoms players also brought the guys out to the clubs so they could get a taste of the Prague nightlife. Despite the team's efforts in convincing the two stars to sign with the team, they didn't. As soon as UFA season opened up it was announced that both men were going to sign with the Vancouver Wolves instead. Not every gamble works out but the reward in this case was just too good to pass up on the chance. The Phantoms reacted to the news by re-signing forward, Blake Laughton who was reacquired by the Phantoms at the last trade deadline from Helsinki. Now the Phantoms must rely on the players they already have in their system instead of star power from elsewhere. Many VHL analysts currently have predicted that the Phantoms will not make the playoffs in S72. The Phantoms in return have embraced the role of underdogs and are highly motivated to prove the world wrong.