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Kris Rice - Journal Entry #3


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Hello everyone, let me start off by saying welcome to the third edition of my journal entries. The Mississauga Hounds have been playing some fantastic hockey over the last 16 games. The last time I checked in the Hounds were 10-6-2 and were sitting tied for fourth in the standings. Today we are sitting at a 22-10-2 record and still currently in that fourth spot. Going 12-4-0 over the last 16 games the Hounds now only sit 4 points back of the top spot. It’s anybody’s race to the top now and the hounds find themselves right in the thick of it.


      Now that I’ve briefly gone over how the team has done since my last entry, it is time to reflect on how I performed during this stretch of games. There have been some positives that I will touch on but also some major concerns I have that will need to be addressed. Once these have been addressed I’ll touch on a few miscellaneous statistics and reveal what new feature will added to future entries.




      The offensive side of the game has completely disappeared from my game over the last 16 games. I have managed 3 points over this stretch scoring 1 goal and adding 2 helpers. This has been an extremely frustrating stretch for my self personally when it comes to the score sheet. I can not seem to keep the puck on my stick and the seams seem to be disappearing faster than normal. Clearly this is one aspect of my game that needs a major overhaul.





      When the offense is lacking, I have been making up for it by playing extremely sound Defense. I have improved from a minus ten rating to a solid minus one plus/minus. We have a lot of very talented and offensive forwards and Defensemen. The high offensive production we have been getting from players like Balentine Kidd, Jerry Wang, Brock Louth and newcomer Finnegan Macburn, has aloud me to focus on the defensive side of my game. 



      While the defensive side of the game has been improving so has the physical side. I am currently sitting at 50 hits. Shot Blocking hasn’t been a strong suit of mine. Currently only have 9 shots blocked over 34 games. 

Things to work on


      I think it’s time to start helping the Hounds on the scoresheet. We can rely on our top end scoring to carry us to a championship. The depth players which includes myself need to start contributing on both ends of the ice in order to push this team over the edge. We are 4 points away from the top spot in the league and I will do what I can to help this team win.



      Thanks again for tuning in this week. I have something new I want to be trying next week. I’ll still touch base on how I’m performing and how the team is doing but I’ll also be throwing in a little scouting I’ll be doing on our competition as well. 

  Take care, see you all next week!

Word Count:514 



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