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ROTY 65 - 64

Big Mac

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Season 64 rookie: Ryan Sullivan JR
Statistics: 10G 46A 56P +6
The Aftermath: Some rookies have their prime years in their rookie season. You could argue that’s the case for Sullivan, but due to his recent S67 season he’s proven he doesn’t have to be a great goal scorer to make a great impact. He’s definitely more of a playmaker than anything, and for a playmaker he can lay the body exceptionally well. If Sullivan wasn’t in the box all the time he could’ve cracked a point per game last year, with 63 Points and he wasn’t bad in his other categories with and exceptional +25. As Esso wanted me to say he was robbed from this trophy as well which I agree with as he did have more points, and this is sort of a points trophy. (Unless a goalie)

Season 65 rookie: Kyson Blake
Statistics: 36G 52A 88P +1
The Aftermath: This is definetely a rookie who hit his prime then hit rocks buddy. He didn’t play in the S64 season, which is the norm for recent top ten picks. He proved to be one of Moscow's best player's in their tough times. For an 8th pick in the draft, if you called him a bust I wouldn’t argue. Great rookie decent player. He’s inactive, and not the only inactive RoTY. The fact that New York missed on a guy like Brick Wahl could you imagine @BladeMaiden being the star on that rebuilding team. Even DC player Petr Jerwa wouldn’t be that bad.

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