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Edwin Encarnacion: The Most Entertaining Man In Sports


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Edwin Encarnacion: The Most Entertaining Man In Sports



COLOGNE - Times have not been friendly to the Cologne Express. Free agent after free agent has spurned the German franchise, sometimes to play elsewhere for less money. Often teetering on the brink of a contending/rebuilding team, the only thing consistent about the team was that it was inconsistent. Times have been even tougher lately, with big names like Kameron Taylor, Reggie Dunlop and Malcolm Spud gone to other pastures (they certainly aren't greener). However, Cologne fans still have someone better on the team: Edwin Encarnacion.


Now, those of you who haven't just tossed this publication in the trash are probably wondering, "What kind of drugs are you on, man?" And to that I say, "Just the normal prescriptions."




Encarnacion is not going to win any trivia contests about hockey, nor will he be the most fundamentally sound guy out there. But what he does have is charisma and strength. Few people can jack up their opponents like this guy does, yet still get people to guffaw like loonies at his bizarre antics on and off the ice. He is the only man that the Vancouver Green Men have taken out for a beer instead of harassing when he makes his way to the penalty box (and he was back in time to take the ice after his double minor expired).


Whether you love or hate the guy, Encarnacion is a breath of fresh air for the VHL and is a treasure to the league. Sadly, we won't have him forever, so we need to embrace this glorious bastard while we can.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, leading supplier of Namekian labor. He enjoys high quality H20, throwing shoes at Hillary Clinton and posting his Mancrush Monday several days late.

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Oh this article is so great!


And I'm just looking at these great pictures thinking "Man, Why haven't I stuck a Fu Man Chu and a Cigar on that and made it my Player Card!"

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