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Boris arrives in Europe once again

Walter Fizz

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Boris Boris, has been drafted by HC Davos. This means not only will the Polish Goaltender learn English; he will also learn Swiss national languages (German, French, and Italian.) With Boris constantly on the move, he is happy that this time he can finally go back to Europe. Now let’s talk about Boris being drafted. Boris had no GMs talking to him or asking a single question, so anywhere he went was a surprise for him at least. His agent has actually rarely talked to HC Davos GM at all in the past really. Mr Fizz tells us that he is happy for Boris, and that he will get his foot wet in a new place. Though this doesn’t mean much as Boris Boris will be heading back to the VHLM as a goaltender for a (most likely) new team. The future is looking bright for Boris, and if not bright it’s not looking terrible; he’s on a solid vhl team, and will get his time to develop. For now that is all we have on our update on Boris Boris. 



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