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I mean, my activity hasn't been an exceptional one since this spring. But when I have nothing to say even for random quotes...oof.


But I'm going to do something because I need 2 TPE. And I'm also going to help @zepheter on reaching his goal. Here's to hope he will make the S70 draft a bit better. Cause at this point that draft doesn't looks very deep. Some potential future stars, like Beketov or Tagger. A good goalie in Slapshot. Some more interesting prospects, including Zeph. But still, nothing very deep. Perhaps this isn't a bad thing at all. Flyersfan was mentioning once about this stuff and he was fan of not having ridiculously deep drafts every time so this league couldn't be burnt out by that. It makes some sense. Now we're on the waiting position. Perhaps the recruiting crew has something up in the store, but at this moment we're keeping it more quiet. I guess that's for S66 and onwards first gens to finally some recognition in the big league before a new crop of fresh faces joinst he pack.


I think I'm about to be at 200 words. yay.


2 TPE to Cricket.

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