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Iangenere Ristenenn LW PC


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Iangenere Risteneen LW Press Conference 

“Hello everyone, thanks for coming and hopefully will become friends with one of you reporters, broadcasters and cameras. Anyway lets get started with this Press Conference, first question please.”




So where do you expect to be picked in this draft be picked in the 69th season of the league?


”I think it depends on the type of team I get picked by if it is a team that is a contender than they will expect me to contribute immediately but if its a rebuilder they will give me time so I think off my skills what I think I could contribute right away I will go in the mid-second round, next question please.”


“Hand on the left”


Who do you think will come out best in this years draft?


”Personally I would say myself but if I am being unbiased maybe Damien Wolfe if we are going right now he playing at a very high level for his age of 16 of course we play the same position but I can see some of the stuff he does from the tape and I can tell but I think I have beat in potential, Thank you and last question please.”


”Hand in front”


How do you feel about coming to the draft being a relative unknown winger?


”I feel nervous of coarse but I feel kind of confident wherever I get picked it will work out and I will be a great player and work hard to become the best in the world.”


”Thank you everyone for coming see you at the draft.”






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1. How is your time in the VHLM going?


2. Who is your favorite teammate so far?


3. As of right now, which VHL team interests you the most?


4. What are your goals for this season?


5. What skill do you want to work on the most this season?


6. Who's your favorite NHL team?

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1. What stick brand do you use?

2. Why did you choose to be a Left Winger?

3. What is your jersey number and why?

4. How would you describe your style of play?

5. Would you rather have a VHLM Championship or VHLM Point Scoring Title?

6. What is your typical pre-game meal?

7. If you have any, what are your pre-game rituals?

8. What is your biggest pet peeve in the locker room?

9. If you had to play another position, what would you play?

10. If you had to play another sport, what sport would you play?

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