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Fang and Whal training PT 4


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Note, this is a continuation of an article I wrote while I was on the reapers.


With that, she exits the arena, while the two goalies step onto the ice. To their surprise, someone else has joined them. Philly defenseman, and team captain, Condor Adrienne has started skating around the rink. He spots the two goalies, and heads over to speak to them. Fang introduces him and Brick, and the three exchange small talk. Then Brick realizes that it would be useful having someone to shoot on Flashback, so he asks Condor to join them. Starting off, Brick has Condor take shots at flashback from the high slot. At first everything is good, Fang is making good saves with his pads and blocker. But then Condor decides to take a shot at Fang’s glove. Fang catches the puck, and then moves his glove in a circle.

Brick calls out, “That is the fakest windmill I have ever seen. Look Kid, you’re not fooling anyone. Scouts aren’t going to like to see that.” The younger goalie is clearly offended, but decides to keep his mouth shut. They complete the drill, so Brick decides to work on getting around screens. Condor moves in front of fang, while Brick sends pucks at the net. All of a sudden, Flashback swings his stick hard at Condor’s legs, dropping the Dman immediately. Brick calls out “WTF Fang!!! Why did you do that!!!” Flashback casually responds “he was in my way”


Pt 4 coming, sometime 


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