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  1. Just saying, the role of agm is ment specifically to help members become gms, but you have constantly passed over them for gm jobs. You have essentially made the position pointless
  2. The point of an agm is to prepare you to become a gm
  3. So, when y’all picking an agm for one of these things?
  4. I would love too. I played on vegas last season, 2x wjc gm, and agm for Ottawa. This would be incredible for me if I were chosen for this job.
  5. uphillmoss

    S66 WJC Indexes

    Unforutunalty I am having computer problems, I will need for someone else to do my lines
  6. uphillmoss

    S66 WJC Indexes

    I will get mine in tonight
  7. uphillmoss

    S66 WJC Indexes

    I will try to get my lines in soon
  9. I would love to take over as gm. I have been trying to become a gm every since I joined the league. I am a 2x wjc gm, and the current agm of Ottawa. I really hope that you will consider me for this job
  10. 4. @Nykonax is the worst gm because he refused to offer sabertooth 60minutes per game
  11. 1. Who do you blamr when things go wrong on the team (hint: nyko) 2. Who is your mvp for this season. 3. What team has been the most impressive so far. 4. Why is nyko the worst gm😂 5. What is one tradition you would like to see the team adopt. 6. Do you have a rivalry with any players on other teams
  12. He wasn’t on the roster
  13. D-man Aron nielsan @solas Bolt Vanderhuge @kayfabe Beau buefordsson @Radcow Anthony amerback @Oost Forwards Nethila dissanayake @nethi99 rhys chism @Jables walter clements @cpetrella Thomas Kennedy @Walter Fizz Dan gles @No_Dangles AJ alexsen @littleboi acl tear @Quik Hunter Wagner @Inf1d3l Kari jurry @hockeyis66 Goalies Clayton Park @leafssteen pekka pouta @Snussu Discord https://discord.gg/sfmYHR
  14. F- Julian Borwin also Maxim Kovalchuck is a d-man