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My Random VHL Thoughts - S68 - Part 6

Fire Tortorella

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  • Congratulations to the Seattle Bears on winning the Continental Cup! I'm just going off memory, but I think they were thought of as a contender going into the season? One of the odd things about the conference format is that I pay less attention to teams in the other conference, since the only time I'll come up against them in the playoffs is in the final.
  • Lots of player movement this off-season...definitely seems like something we're seeing more of than in the past.
  • I know there's been some talk about the size of this draft class - from what I understand, we've had to tone down our reddit recruitment somewhat, as we were getting marked as spam much more often than we were before. Going to have to try some other avenues from a league standpoint. Individual members, don't forget that there are ADDITIONAL TPE REWARDS for recruiting on your own!
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