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Berocka Sundqvist Expecting More


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Berocka Sundqvist Expecting More

By Steven Brockman


Berocka Sundqvist one of the members of the S68 champions the Seattle Bears has come out in an interview with Australian Breakfast show Sunrise with an interesting statement. He said



"I am extremely happy with the success and the performance of my team. I am over the moon that we won the cup and I am able to bring it to Australian shores for the first time to show all my family and friends. However, I do not believe that I successfully made a contribution into winning the cup during playoffs. I played on the 4th line averaging about 9 minutes a game and I know that the GM was just putting out the best team on the ice and I wasn't it. So I have been training quite hard over this off-season making sure that I am ready for this season and hopefully will contribute a bit more. We have acquired some good talent and I know I am still behind my teammates that were in my draft class so I know I will probably struggle cracking that top line."


It is not every day that you hear a champion come out and say he is unhappy with his performance. I will certainly be keeping my eye out over the next season to see how Sundqvist goes. I know there has been talk around Seattle that Sundqvist is spending quite a lot of time inside the rink training his puck handling and passing. He has become a great two way player always having a good +/- and lots of hits. I for certain know that Sundqvist wants to be a sniper scoring the goals as well as a strong forecheck to keep the puck in possession. 


Make sure you tune in when S69 starts to see where Sundqvist will play in the first few games for Seattle.

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