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Draft Breaks Perfect for New York


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Manhattan -- After the draft lottery saw a potential #1 pick drop all the way to the end of the lottery, the mood was grim in New York HQ - not only among fans, but among players themselves. In need of top-shelf offensive play, it seemed like the options were limited.




Oh how the tide turns. As it turns out, Prague had its eye on defense, taking Vegas's Cinnamon Block with the first overall pick in the draft. Then at #3, Riga did the same, taking Mississauga's Guy Sasakamoose with the third overall pick. Suddenly, Soren Jensen was indeed there at #4, where an ecstatic New York scooped him up with eyes on making him a top winger of the future.


"Man, Jensen might have damn well been the top player on our board. To get him at number four? That's ridiculous," said New York's Lance Flowers, the team's top pick in last year's draft. "I think every player in the locker room is pumped beyond belief."


But the good times didn't end there. Already sporting a strong defensive core, some believed New York would opt for another forward with the #12 pick. But then David O'Quinn fell to #12, the player that had been selected first overall in the VHLM Draft earlier in the week off of a 63 assist season in Saskatoon. It was too good to be true - New York took him without a second thought, followed by GM player Keven Foreskin moving to center.


The Americans may not be quite ready to compete in Season 69, but now the team has one of the strongest young cores in the league to contend very soon. "It's almost our time," Flowers said. "As long as we stick together and keep working at it, I think victories are going to start coming sooner rather than later."

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