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I hate offseason


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Mainly because it means I need to write an article that I don't really care to do. The other reason is that it is just a very quiet time. 


Free agency was cool, lots of players went to Free Agency causing quite a ruckus.

Jake Davis to Malmo

Dan Wilinsky to Seattle

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen and Gritty to Moscow

Orion Slade may sit out the season

Charlie Paddywagon goes back to Davos

Aleksander Rodriguez goes to..... Malmo? Interesting but guess it happened so yeah. 


Looks to me like Seattle and Malmo will be a likely match up again this season. Moscow will be the most improved for sure I think. 

NA will be about the same as it was last season and I see no change in the standings most likely.

EU will be about the same, Davos will be leapfrogged by Moscow and Helsinki and Riga need to win now as their windows are starting to close.


This season could be yet another one for upsets, it will be interesting to see how it turns out

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