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Claimed:Bern Royals: Kings of Europe

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Bern Royals: Kings of Europe



Following a short lived post season during Season 36, the Bern Royals front office maintained most of the same philosophy that took them to the European Conference Finals: Offense wins games. This has stayed true through the 72 games the Royals have played during Season 37.


Scoring the most goals between all VHLM teams with 371, the Bern Royals have been an unstoppable force against their opponents. Even their defensive game has been something to admire. Sitting only second in least goals against in an offensive-heavy league. That makes for a 207 goal differential. Recording only eight losses accompanied by one in overtime, their point total all season wound up to be 127, just one behind the Yukon Rush for first overall in the league. Some might say the Founders Cup is theirs to lose.


So who's to give credit to for their huge success this season? Well, it all starts off with former General Manager Tyler Barabash, who set the foundation of the Bern Royals that we currently know with draft picks. Starting the with the S36 VHLM Dispersal Draft, taking Blaine Olynick with his first ever draft pick. Olynick has become the show stopper for Bern in multiple games. He finished with 63 wins in 72 games. GM Barabash then followed it along with Ron World Peace, an integral piece of the Bern puzzle. World Peace finished in the top 5 in points scored with an astounding 185. Drafting Kristian Stormborn, a quiet winger last season who has made amazing strides and has chipped in on the offensive system with 91 points.


The waiver claim pick ups made by ex-GM Barabash have made big impacts as well in Bern, providing secondary scoring when needed. Aaron Hartley and Steve Tremblay have eased their way into the Royals' offensive game. Both Hartley and Tremblay are still young, and are expected to make huge improvements for their next season in the VHLM.




Free agent acquisitions have made just as big of an impact as the others. Earl Parker, Eliana Ben-Lev, and Matt Reilly, all signings before Barabash's time, have earned their spot in Royals' history as big time point scorers. All three players combined add up to 300+ points scored in just one season. Razzle Dazzle, a Bern Royal veteran, has also provided some helpful scoring, tallying 74 points in 72 games.


The great moves that Barabash has made has caught the attention of the board of directors for the Seattle Bears. Near season's end, he made the move to GM Seattle. So who was to claim this dominant team and try to pick up where they left off? Blaine Olynick's agent, former VHL player, Alex Staal has been around the Bern Royals for nearly two seasons now. His experience with the organization and the city made him the perfect candidate to be the successor. A first time GM taking over a Cup-bound team will be sure to apply some pressure to the rookie, but it's not him who is on the ice. It's the Bern Royals of Season 37 that will be in control of their own fate.

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Should be an exciting cup that on paper should be Yukon and Bern.


Also Bern does not control it's own destiny, Destiny is a predetermined set of events, therefore if it's predetermined, you can't control it.

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Content: 3/3 - Congrats again on the VHLM GM position. I thought Bern was going to be a good team, but they exceeded my expectations this year for just how good they were going to be. Bushito made some nice trades and waiver pick ups that put the Royals in a position to succeed while still maintaining his picks for the next two seasons. I have to wonder though if it would have been worth it for Bern to have traded one of those firsts to Oslo to pick up Hallstrom.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - Too long of a list not to dock.


admire. Sitting = admire, sitting

offensive-heavy = offense-heavy

Founders Cup = Founder's Cup

Starting the with the = Starting with the

Drafting Kristian Stormborn, a quiet winger last season who has made amazing strides and has chipped in on the offensive system with 91 points. = Sentence fragment.

player, Alex Staal = player Alex Staal,



Appearance: 1/1 - Very nice.


Overall: 5.75/6

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Content: 3/3 

523 words. Congrats on the move to GM, it sure will be an interesting series if Bern and Yukon end up facing off for the cup. Best of luck to you (not) and you're new squad in the playoffs :)


Grammar: 1.75/2

Didn't find anything other than what Flyers got. I do agree with him that, based on the word count, there was a couple to many not to dock.


Appearance: 1/1

Good formatting and nice pictures. Looks good.


Overall: 5.75/6

FINAL: 6/6

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